Clarkinks 2021 / 2022 recommended pears everyone must have

May be it could be Anjou.

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I have grafted a Turnbull giant onto a Callery pear rootstock


Interesting thing one year i grafted 15 turnbull giant grafts on several callery none took. I used to think they were not compatible. Now i’m under the impression some are and some are not. Wild Callery are more genetically diverse than i once realized.


I’ve got 7/10 of the disease resistant pears and 4/10 of the nondisease resistant ones. Which of the others has floral taste like Abate Fetel does? Hope to graft Clarks Little Yellow Pear next year if I can find scions.

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Did you try different rootstocks after the 15 failed, and have you gotten any successful Turnbull grafts to take? Fruit yet?

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I just planted an Aurora this year where a very old Bartlet was removed, and two Magness. I wanted to change one of the Magness to Fondante Lille but the friend with the extra tree I had didn’t want to cut any off. :frowning:
Maybe next year.
Also growing Bartlet, Bosc, Warren, Butera precose moretini, and Seckle. Warren is blooming and the BPM is in full bloom too today.


No i have not tried to graft turnbull since i had 2 years of failed attempts.

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Of your two top 10 lists, what is their ripening sequence? Thinking of grafting more, but would like to spread the harvest.

@Martin i answered with specifics that question in threads like here comes the 2016, 2018, 2019 apple and pear threads. I usually put pears into two categories early and late ripening focusing on the disease resistant types only for most people. It looks like this E - Early L-Late as shown below. Late means fall , Early means summer. There are extremes of both. Korean Giant will the last pear your cold fingers likely touch for the year on that list. Clarks small yellow pear will be one of the first just like ayers.

Disease resistant pears
1.Clarks small yellow pear -10 -E
2.harrow sweet -8 -L
3.drippin honey -8-E
4.harrow delight -7-E
5. Korean giant -8-L
6. Ayers -7-E
7. Clara frijs-7-E
8. Seckle-6-E
9. Warren -7-E
10. Karls favorite-5-E

Here are additional specifics documented

Giving credit where credit is do sharing my research on pears would not be possible without @scottfsmith who built this great website. Many types of pears i grow would not be possible without the USDA aka ars grin at Corvalis but i have mentioned all that before many times Pear research is yielding results


I would like to know about the taste of the Asian pears listed. I have never been impressed. When I’ve gotten this type pear at the markets, they’ve been crunchy, juicy, sweet. That’s it, very little flavor. And 20th Century direct from a farmer were awful.
I’ve seen info that someone was breeding them for certain flavors, but I haven’t had any. Bosc, Seckel are wonderful to me.


@franc1969 chojuro when grown right has a butterscotch flavor , drippin honey tastes like a crunchy asian pear when green but when it turns yellowish orange its soft and honey like flavored. It has a very pleasing flavor. Korean Giant can be absolutely delicious almost tastes somewhat spice like but most years for me it does reach that quality before it runs out of growing season. It can be exceptional. There can be a texture thing to and asian pears are not for everyone but we love them.



Asian pears in the grocery stores are never picked fully ripe the only decent favored Asian pears I ever got from a store were the ‘Chojuro’ variety, even then not ripe. Also different Asian pears have different quality in different climates and they don’t all taste best in the same kind of climate

‘Shinsui’ = “Shinsui are bursting with vanilla-whiskey flavors and excellent in pie”. - Champlain Orchards on instagram

The flavor of this variety has also been compared to ‘vanilla with citrus’.

There are other great tasting Asian pears besides what we mentioned to you. Yet I have found no mentioning of what they taste like, others are disease sensitive.


I have eaten several home grown, tree-ripened Asian pears over the years. Your description is it is pretty much on point “crunchy, juicy, sweet”.

They are not known for complex or sublime flavor like Euro pears. When I eat Asian pears, the word “refreshing” comes to mind.

I like Euro pears a lot, too, for their sweet, aromatic, complex flavor with melting texture (no grit varieties),

Some people like me like them both. I don’t expect them to give me the same taste, flavor or texture. Other people like one but not the others. There is nothing wrong with that.


Nice list Clark! I would put Urbaniste and Dana Hovey on your list to try, they are the two richest-flavored pears in my orchard being a bit richer than Magness.

For diseases I don’t see a lot of difference in pears. Some get scab worse than others, I would say that is the major difference I see. I don’t have any appreciable fireblight on any pears. The main letdown I have is some pears I can’t get to ripen well or consistently. Or, they take forever to fruit. My Grand Champion is starting its 18th year and still no flower buds! It might get topworked soon.


Where’s the wait list for Clark’s small yellow? I have a tonnnnnn of clonal wild pear rootstocks around me I want to turn into production.


I like them both. The only gritty euro pear is bosc before it is totally ripe. Just not into gritty pears. I think the Asian pears are very refreshing, that is the perfect word!


There are lots of members who grow this pear maybe someone gathered scion wood this year. I’d be surprised if you have been on here awhile that noone offered to send any to you yet. Hang out they will. If not we can see how this year goes and if things are better i could send you some in 2022.

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I think a yearly spray with copper is very helpful in controlling many issues. Fireblight can be a big problem here.

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I wish there was this same list for low-chill varieties. I sure do love pears and most are pretty high chill from what I understand. I’m very curious of varieties that might perform in low chill environments…kind of like the irvine apple trials. I wish I had the space to try this and experiment a little. I love pears but I’m not very fond of Asian pears.