Cocktail Hour Garden Tour

Inspired by tomIL’s “Morning Cup of Joe”

90+ degrees today, so cocktail hour started a little late as it was just too hot to be in the afternoon sun. Bring your beverage of choice. I prefer the green bottles, but anything will do.


Beebalm = Hummingbird food factory here

On with the tour…


The long and winding road…

Standing Guard…

By this time in the tour you should be well in to your beverage of choice and feeling “Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof” ( song by Travis Tritt)

Into the greenhouse we go…


Very nice flower garden!

Hoping this Tomcot is going to survive…Took a real beating this spring and lost most of its leaves with the relentless wind.

3 Cherry trees planted this spring


She wants everyone to look at her…shes so starved for attention!

Some 'maters in the raised beds…


Made it to the deck and it’s time for a refill…

and yes, the garlic does need to dry right here on the table…wife asked me the same question. :slight_smile:

Shes waiting to go in and nap…apparently she had a tough day.


Okay, that’s it. I’m moving in.

So some details on the pictures…

Perennial garden is approx. 240 ft long going along the back wall. I’ve been working on it for about 5 years to get it to where it is. Seems like every year I try to add more to fill in the holes but I loose plants here and there along the way so its never ending.

Greenhouse has tomatoes, cucumbers, and figs. Raised beds outside have some lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, strawberries, and some raspberries in pots. I did grow some carrots as well this year, but just did them in some 15 gallon deep pots. I try to just grow what we eat as its an instant reward when you can go pick and eat. Everything edible is growing organically and fed with Neptunes Harvest.

Dog (Layla) - money pit, but we all love her. She does go in the greenhouse and pick her own cucumbers and eats them when we are not looking.

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Thanks for sharing, Mike. I love all of it, but the Hostas are really so very lovely. Can’t grow them here in S. California. Miss them very much.

Patty S.

Thanks for taking us on the tour. What’s your secret for getting the onions that big? Mine are still just little guys.

The hosta with the giant leaves is by far my biggest. Sun and Substance I believe it is, and it’s very very happy with the downspout from the shed pouring water right to it.

You should be able to grow them in pots, but they wont get nearly as big…and then there is the watering issue…and you guys have enough problems with water already.

I’m actually the most excited about the onions than anything else this year. This is the first time I actually have sizable onions.

I ordered the sets from dixondale farms and followed their instructions accordingly. Super phosphate they recommended to help with the bulb making process really made the difference.


Your place looks great! I wish I had the knack for landscape design. My place needs more curb appeal.

Well, technically I can grow them, and even in the ground. The problem here is two-fold - they need a lot of water as you’ve mentioned, and they are probably the biggest snail magnets going. And, I have a pretty significant snail issue in my yard.

Beautiful. Your Heineken tour reminds me of a Flat Stanley tour that my daughter was assigned to do when she was in an elementary school. Made me smile.

It took you only five years. Many years have passed, mine still does not look anywhere near as nice as yours. Maybe, I should stop moving those plants around so often.

Beautiful garden, colorful, nice blended texture, etc. Thanks for the virtual garden tour

That knack for landscape is spelled cubic work. I don’t have the work ethic for that nice of a yard. Nice yard Mr RIMike!!

Very nice garden there, RIMike. I like the little girl/birds statue and the repetition of cement pedestal pots with billowy colors. Thanks for the tour…


I think we have the same nice big lime leave hosta! :grin:

Very nice color…