Codling moth control

I will use your program next year in with my Surround in addition to Christine’s black light! Your program will be necessary for my neighbors trees too far away for my black light to reach. That should take care of most of my pests!
Thanks to you both for excellent info!

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These pheromone traps are good where isolated populations exist such as in large plantations. In backyards they attract males but do little to reduce the incidence of bred females. This is because the pheromone exuded does not cover a large enough area, and bred females enter from surrounding untreated properties.

This does not mean that pheromone traps have no place in the backyard. They certainly do, but their use should be to detect the presence of adults in advance of egg laying, not for mating disruption. After the appropriate growing degree days have elapsed since adults are detected (biofix), chemical treatment may then be applied to kill the eggs and/or larvae before they enter the fruit.


Seems to me I these traps are pretty expensive. Especially if you have a lot of trees. I looked at them some years ago and you would have to have one in each tree. And replace them if they get “full”. Perhaps I am wrong.