Has anyone ever grown coffee plants? I recently went with the cub scout pack to the seattle center. There they have a butterfly exhibit that is loaded with distracting awesome plants. Anyway, they had several coffee plants growing and I found it to be the highlight of the visit. They were lovely looking and wondered if anyone had grown them in a temperate zone.? Thank you all for your knowledge and happy growing.

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There are perhaps a half dozen plantations here.

They do great as houseplants in winter (sunny window or supplemental lighting), but they have perished every time I’ve tried to grow them in my greenhouse. It is just too cold in there (low-mid 40s °F at night), and they are always dead by early January.

Mine never flowered before I killed them off, but I know @warmwxrules has had some that flowered & fruited, and he grew out the seedlings:

The West Seattle Plant Nursery usually has community pots full of small coffee seedlings for pretty cheap in their greenhouse area, that’s where I got mine originally.

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