Colorado Front Range Thread

Thanks @rossn
I didn’t find an insect ID thread, but did post in a more heavily peach oriented thread. I’m a mix of curious and concerned, as I have had trouble getting peach crops here (west of Loveland, 5000’) due to late frosts, and this is a late blooming Flamin’ Fury variety that I had high hopes for. It was off to a pretty good start and hope this doesn’t slow it down.
Appreciate the offer of materials, but think I’m set. I’m learning a lot from this GF community, even though I’ve been gardening in Colorado since the 80’s :cowboy_hat_face:

To be more accurate, late frosts and/or bud killing winter cold snaps.

No worries. Interested to hear how Flamin’ Fury does for you. Here is the Insect and Disease Identification Thread

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Is that cherry? Or? Some trees have a hollow center or “dissolving” center. Waaaaay too small for carpenter bee. I’d probably wax or sealant spray that though.

Edit: hahaha :laughing: you did say peach.

Peach. Agreed!

Is this brown rot? I’ve noticed this on a few of my Geo Pride pluots. There isn’t anything on the Splash or Emerald Drop pluots on the same tree.