Cool article about Appalachian apple hunter Tom Brown

A friend passed this along and I thought people here might find it interesting:


very nice. So devoted to keeping these cultivars going.

Great article. Great to have people so dedicated in finding old apples that are thought to have been extinct.

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JinMA Thank you .
I’ve browsed that site before some great articles on fruit
(searching Malus the Latin name for apple Might help, with 4 more results,
but I was reading about blueberries, and random articles to popped up.)

Wish they would of added his site though. (or did they I didn’t see)

Here is a few more In stark contrast to saving apples they are breeding apples,
If they do not make the cut they are Bull dozed which I find funny (not in a funny way)
Often times fruit that tastes bad in Wine at first , mellow out ,
and become something special over time in the bottle
Example (butyric acid which is found in vomit,
can change to Pine apple molecules over time
according to TV program I saw on dateline or 60 minutes
(Super aging whiskey with beams of light to be aged 200, 300 years I have info on the brand)

Every Apple You Eat Took Years and Years to Make

Meet the Man on a Quest to Document Every Apple in North America

Okay Hope you enjoy
got a new Puppy, and he wants to play (got to go)

I wish more people would value apples like Tom Brown
even ones that do not taste good in the hand, and maybe better suited for baking
(I hope people think twice before grafting over that old tree with new stuff even leaving part of it original you neverr know could be something special .


Very well said. I agree with you.

All these heirloom apples served a purpose in some way, shape, or form. Eating, cooking, apple butter, preserving, eating through the winter, cider, or for feeding animals. I am all for finding and keeping them from becoming extinct. I am glad there are people like Tom ( there are others I have read different articles about more apple hunters) and nurseries that keep, grow, and sell trees and scions of these old trees.
I want to thank them all for doing this. Once these old varieties are gone they will never have their fruit tasted again. Sad.

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