Cosmic crisp apple

I ate a Cosmic Crisp apple, paid a whopping $ 2.40 for it. The taste? Very juicy, very good unique tasting, very big.Too expensive for me. Couldn’t eat a whole one, tomorrow I will eat the other halve.
If you are in the orchard business, I would certainly grow a mess of these apples.


I prefer EverCrisp

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Everyone says they like this apple but I never see it sold anywhere. For where I live 2 something is mid apple price if we are talking per pound. A honeycrisp sells for 3 dollars a pound here.

I’ve purchased Cosmic Crisps a few times and they were all consistently good, but at $3/lb in my area they’d better be. Any time I see Jonagold or Pink Lady I get those instead, usually $1.50-$2.50/lb the last couple years.

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my experience, it is too much of a gamble for the price. first time i had it was amazing. bought it again from a store across the street (they had a sale going), and the apples were really lousy. tried again in 2021 from the original store, and the apples were mediocre.

I think that they are still limiting sale of the trees to Washington state only. spend millions of dollars caring more about advertising and control of who grows it and where.


I just had one just this morning myself. I agree with your assessment all the way round. Hard to believe an apple can cost that much.

Because this is the fruit growing section of the forum I wonder what is the point of discussing an apple based on purchasing it from a store. I guess if you live in WA you can grow it, maybe.

I’m considering paying an annual fee of $100 so I can grow Evercrisp because I’ve discussed the apple with a consultant that works with growers that are growing it in NYS, and he raves about it. Grower friendly and delicious and available if you are willing to pay a fee. A serious hobbyist might be willing to go that high.

I do $100 worth of extra labor every year to stop my Honecrisp and Jonagold apples from corking or succumbing to black rot.

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Typically don’t see Evercrisp for sale here in Kentucky. But, the times I tried it, I thought it the best of the

It’s a little hard/firm, but should hold if not eaten promptly.

I’ll be curious to see a fruit of Triumph for comparison.

Back in the seventies Japan import all their imports fruits specifically from Washington State. They were selling American grown stuff at premium prices, like $ 5.00 for an apple, 1975. They might be growing their own now.
Japan has been buying cattle ranches here in the U.S. because it’s cheaper to setup their beef production to export it back to Japan. Beef prices here for their beef still over $ 30.00 plus a lb. I couldn’t tell the difference between my cheap steaks and theirs. It’s all about how you cook them.
High end stores all over the U.S. sells stuff at more inflated prices because of their clients. I grow high end mandarins that sells for $4.95 at Whole Foods. Not a lb just one, good grief!!

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I need to give cosmicrisp at least one more go before passing final judgment- wasn’t that into the first one I tasted.

I live in NY and have been enjoying Rubyfrost. It can be excellent right off the tree (upick), and still tasty and crisp enough that I’ll buy a few in the store from time to time.

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I like Evercrisp a lot. I’ve had it from a farmer’s market for several years now and was able to grow a few myself this past year. They do have a tendency to get very large, even without much thinning.

I had a couple recently from the grocery store. They were milder than I recalled, but still very good. A bit like a (syrupy) sweeter Fuji, but with Honeycrisp crunch. One was 17 brix and the other was 19-20. I think most of the ones I grew this year were around 16-17 brix.


Got wood?


Cosmic Crisp have been quite variable, here in WA. I don’t think I’ve tried one this year, but I should. I think for a while, last year, I was convinced that the smaller ones were better. But that may have just been coincidence and probably didn’t hold up.

Hopefully its just getting the kinks worked out. I have a tree, hasn’t fruited yet though. I’d intended to keep it as one of my few single-variety trees, but if my opinion of it doesn’t improve, it will probably share rent with some other varieties.


That’s pretty cool you have your own tree. You buy it from a nursery? Once you own it, are you legally required to keep it planted in Washington?

I remember reading about it and waiting years for the variety to come to market. The first one I saw was at a market in Vancouver BC- on styrofoam and wrapped in plastic wrap (so much waste!) and it was like $5 or $6 CAD an apple. I bought a bunch and had some for Christmas. I didn’t grow up with apples (except for granny sour smith…gross…and awful red delicious…gross…and wild sour crab apples…gross) so I don’t have a lot to compare to.

I’ve written a few times about the store bought apples, and for me the sugar bee apple is superior. It’s another club apple that seems to be restricted to Washington. I buy those over cosmic crisp whenever I see them. Next time
I’m at the store I will give cosmic crisp another chance.

A tree ripened Red Delicious is a pretty good apple…even if you have15 or 30 other options.

From the store six to 10 months after they have been picked…not so much

Only Gala has finally passed Red Delicious in popularity. Cosmic Crisp never will.

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I go along with Red Delicious but not all years ago I was a regular customer buying these apples from a smaller grocery store. They were very dark color, had that strong winey taste, came from Washington State. It was the only variety that I really enjoyed. Still like my favorite Melrose apple,but Cosmic is just as good. I grew Melrose way back in the seventies on M27 along with Northern Spy.
One problem with Cosmic, it’s too big, having problem eating one.

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define popularity. How much it’s grown, or how much it is enjoyed? RD is grower friendly- not sure about palate friendly, especially the very red strains that taste like cardboard.

RD may still be an important commercial apple but it’s overall dominance has shrunk enormously. Yeah Gala, but all the other varieties that many stores now make room for when in the past their was only 3 or 4 to choose from.

It just takes a while for old favorites to die. It’s impossible for you to predict the future of Cosmic Crisp, but with all the apples coming out now, the odds are greatly with your prediction.

It is very rare when a customer tells me RD is their fav- can’t remember the last time. If they have an opinion the winner isn’t Gala, it’s Honeycrisp which consumers seem willing to pay up to double what they will pay for RD. Who know what will be the next Honeycrisp, but that is obviously the target of breeders and not RD.

The ‘target’ is creating something ‘rare’ so they can get twice the price for it.

I’m much more sure CC isn’t going to take the top spot than I am the ocean is going to rise even one to 3 inches from “Gw”.

I’d define popularity as units sold in this case.

I’m the guy who can’t stand Gala. There is something off about the flavor.

I’ve tried several of the newer varieties from Walmart and found most of them have compromised flavor. It was so bad that I put some in a cooler and left them for 2 months. I pulled them out and decided to taste one before chunking them. Wow was there a difference. They were not quite as good as the best applies I’ve ever eaten, but they were definitely in the top 10%.

I have not tried Cosmic Crisp or Evercrisp yet.