Cosmic Crisp


Very interesting. Do folks in your area bother to grow apples in their backyards or are fresh apples available at farmstands and markets everywhere for low prices because so many apple orchards exist?


Lots of people have fruit trees at home. It’s actually not that easy to find good (our standards) fruit for sale here as everything is grown for commercial markets. It seems that we get the leftover apples from cold storage with the best fresh produce being sent to Japan or other large markets.


People around here grow apples. Because they do quite well and are mostly trouble free.
We have a local chain around here called PCC that sells high quality apples in small quantities from local growers. They had Roxbury Russet, Rubinette, Hudsons Golden Grm, Cox Orange and many many more. I tested one of their Rubinette at 26 brix!


Speaking of local food coops, I stopped at the excellent one in Mt. Vernon on my way home and spied a sweet apple display on the way out, including Cosmic Crisp. (Sorry no pic as I was waylaid by the broken ferries!) While they didn’t currently have any for sale I did find Belle de Boskoop that was dissimilar enough to its sister Karmijn to be unimpressive. I passed up some Evercrisp that I regreted later.

So fellow Washintonians- keep an eye out for some to surface sooner than later.


Cosmic Crisp Apple first day on the market December 1st.19


Rushing off to buy at double-price what somebody else can grow but I can’t…….nope, count me out. Sounds counter intuitive to backyard and hobbyist fruit growing.


Where was this? How was it?
I bought organic CC at the farmers market and they were excellent.


So what are your thoughts on it? Is it all its cracked up to be? At $3.49 it better be!


Super Crisp, juicy, deep strong sweet and sour complex balance flavor. Excellent tasting Apple to me. Planting Cosmic Crisp Apple, we don’t have to plant many others Apple varieties. Excellent enough in your garden.
I bought @safeway grocery food store.
@speedster1 . Some store $1.99 . (Just for tasting I bought whatever price they ask for.)


I am eating my first one now, and I am glad I already have my tree planted. The crunch is similar to Honeycrisp, but the flesh is a little more coarse. The skin is tougher, similar to Jonagold. The juice is very sweet/tart, but they may just have been grown without excess irrigation. It is sweet and tart enough that it would make a great pie apple if it had firm flesh and less juice. It would make a perfect apple for fresh cider. No doubt they will be selling over-priced jugs of it soon enough. With the acidity of this apple, I would like to see how much bite is left in a few months, and how much turns to sweetness.


Someone has to be rewarded for all the hard work and effort developing it.

look at all that MM apple root stock. the UK developed it gave it away and everyone used it to wipe out the UK domestic apple market.


I could blame that on Queen Victoria removing tariffs from apples, or play the devil’s advocate by stating that if not for freebies from the UK that Geneva might have had all the “G” series of rootstocks out for testing 40 years sooner. :wink:

But, you make a good point actually.


picked up a few cosmic crisp at supermarket yesterday, first ive seen them. they aren’t as crisp as my HC direct from tree but are good. sweeter than my HC in storage right now. they are 14 brix where my HC measured 11… $4/lb in nd


At $160 for a 40# box, I should have been growing apples to market rather than personal use a long time ago! :slight_smile:



It is not too late. Dive in!


Patent info, for those interested…


The Cosmic crisp is available exclusively to commercial and private growers in Washington State only. Which means if you want it you only need to ask a friend.