Cosmic Crisp


Has anyone tasted this? It is going on sale at lots of local nurseries around me.


It’s supposed to be very good, waiting for a report from a forum member! Maybe you can be our guinea pig? :smiley:


My guess is you like Honeycrisp, you’ll at least sort of like Cosmic Crisp.


I tried ordering one because of the wonderful reviews. I was told it was limited to Washington growers only and don’t ship out of state.


We had this last year, if it tells you anything:


Actually Honeycrisp is an apple I dont care for. It is bland.
I do like all the club apples - Opal, Envy etc.
I like Enterprise though.

I was hoping Cosmic Crisp was going to better if so many growers are going “all-in”.


When @SMC_zone6 first mentioned this apple back in 2015 in this thread Cosmic Crisp Apple? I figured the Apple would be the biggest thing since sliced bread by now.


Well, not having tasted one (and it will be at least 18 months before you’ll bind one at Kroger), I can only guess CosmicCrisp is part of the same family…Yellow Delicious and Cox Orange Pippin and McIntosh and Red Delicious being probably in the family tree of both the “mother” and the “father” of Cosmic Crisp. Enterprise from the breeding program of Purdue university, and Honeycrisp from U of Minnesota program.
Both used delicious and cox in their program…and they wound up in both parents of this new Washington State apple.


Cosmic Crisp Apple can spend nine to 12 months in storage, and stay crisp, firm, juicy, sweet, and tart. But if it is being heavily planted and commercialized, don’t expect my yard to have it.


It was available locally a few months ago as bare root. But given how nearly all red delicious apples are going to be eventually top worked to this variety, it will be much easier to find it at the store. And hopefully they will maintain quality unlike Honeycrisp.


I was able to get these the other day.

They should give HoneyCrisp a run for it’s money. Texture is breaking like it’s parent but slightly more dense, rich sweetness with well balanced acidity.
I have been told by my wife that I will be ordering a tree this winter!! (never thought I would hear that):grinning:


They will be a common apple very soon! Look at this old thread on the acres and advertising invested Get Ready for Cosmic Crisp Apples. I mentioned them to a friend who lives in Washington State You never know i may go for a visit and find out what all the talk is about.


Where did you get it? I’m quite keen on trying the fruit.


ChrisL you get the prize! Thanks for the report.

Now I know why they are waiting to unveil them. Good to hear they are a quality apple and I’ll have to get a tree too.


We have a couple of stores here called Country Mercantile, I don’t know if they are supposed to be selling them yet? But I couldn’t pass up the chance to try them. Price was only $2.95 a pound.


I think they will be even better when they are released nation wide, these were field run and had not been stored.


I’ve heard that the best flavored apples come from trees that are older, several years after grafting. So CC flavor should improve for a few years.


I’m surprised the Cosmic Crisp police let those apples loose!

I expected the marketing organization for this new apple to keep very close control over the quality of what gets sold even in the local area.


This is the third year I’ve seen them. There has only been a few at a time for a very limited time. First time I tried them I liked them. Nlast year they had no crispness as they were mealy. This year I didn’t get them as they looked like they might be mealy, they had greasy skin and some had slight wrinkles. My tree m106 has yet to fruit it’s in second year. Maybe next year I ought to go check if it had fruit buds. I see some of my plums have buds for first time.


I thought the same thing, they have been out for a couple of weeks labeled “Cosmic Fuji” I know the head of WSU’s marketing arm through work and thought about stirring the pot. But after reading the grower agreement decided WSU screwed up, it’s pretty loose if you look for loop holes. eg. farm stand sales are allowed, one just has to pay a $2 per tree royalty annually. Then you can sell all you wish with no oversite as far as quality.