Cost report and call for donations


Donation, done. Thank you Scott, done.


Sent, thanks.


Thanks for all your hard work, donation sent


Done. Thanks for all you do Scott!


DONE! Thanks,


Done. Thank you Scott for all you do for us!


I’m old fashioned. Check is in the mail. Thanks!


Thanks, paypal sent. You might post a total received at some point.


Paypal sent. Thank you Scott.


Thanks for all the donations thus far! At this point eyeballing the Paypal it looks like around $1400 have come in so far which means were are out of the $900 hole we were in, and are instead $500 in the black! Obviously no mail-in contributions have come in yet.

I’ll post a summary when all donations are in.


I really hate for this to become a lesson in pay pal for those of us having some issues, but I’m going to ask anyway since someone else may be having same question:

When I select “send” , and then enter your e-mail address, it then asks if I am sending to a friend (box #1) or “Paying for an item or service”. I click the “friend” box as suggested. It then prompts to enter the amount of my donation. When I enter it and then hit enter, it takes me to the next page which shows the amount of my donation but then also has a line showing “FEE: $3.20”. THen it shows the total cost as my donation and my fee. I thought if you sent to a friend there was no charge??? What am I doing wrong? (It’s not a lot but I’d rather you get the $3.20 as pay pal if possible) Thanks


There should be no fee if you send using a linked bank account. There would be a fee if you send using a credit card.


And there we have it. Thank-you, @Joe. I was using a debit card. I’ll go see if I can figure out how to just link my bank account.


Thank you very much @scottfsmith for creating and running this wonderfully helpful forum.

PayPay sent.


Thanks Scott. PayPal submitted.


Sent through Paypal.


Sent via PayPal. Thank you for keeping this site running.


Done. Scott, you might have to register to chase quickpay because I sent the fund through chase quick pay.


Thanks Scott! I sent a donation via PayPal.


Sent via PayPal
Thanks for hosting a great site.