Costco bare root trees now available

$13.99 for a nice sized (over 5 feet tall and well branched) bare root tree was too cheap to pass up.
I picked up a few peach, nectarine, apricot and plum trees. The varieties are quite good and suitable for my area (PNW).

But I will likely graft nearly every branch with other varieties anyway


Do you recall what varieties? I’ve only seen Frost as a curl resistant at Costco.

I picked up Veteran peach and Flavortop and Fantasia Nectarines. They had a few others like Frost.

I also picked up a Puget gold apricot which will also be mostly top worked.


I checked them out a couple weeks ago, but I was unimpressed. There is no mention of rootstock at all, no tag, nothing but a vague assertion of semidwarf. The varieties weren’t anything special, but I don’t remember specifics. If I had a ton of land and orchard layout wasn’t important to me I might do it. This was in Central California, I assume other regions probably have different suppliers.

Depending on what the rootstock is, this might be interesting. But if it’s not listed,then I shall pass.

Is it available to get a Scion of Flavortop?bb

No fruit trees yet at the Woodland Hills Costco here in Los Angeles as of today. I went to the one remaining private nursery(Green Thumb) in the area and they had raised the fruit tree prices to $39.99 for a 5 gal size. They have lots of trees from Dave Wilson Nursery, and I usually buy some to use as grafting platforms. But at that price I think I’ll wait to see the Costco ones. And even Walmart has raised their prices to $34.95/5 gal size.

Are the online nurseries raising their prices also?

This reminded me to go to my local nursery to pick up a Royal Crimson cherry. Totally forgot. I really hope they still have it.

The Costco trees are bare root, which is less expensive and the way to go in the winter.

The selection at our Costco yesterday was pretty meager. I wasn’t too tempted to buy anything.

Most have been picked and are gone by now. I must have gone when they had just received the trees. Quite honestly, I was impressed by the size/caliper of the trees for the price.

Some years the Costco selection is very impressive. I got my Pacific Groves ultra dwarf Tilton apricot from Costco and it’s the coolest tree I own. I’d plant a field of those… if I could find them and afford the hundreds of trees it would take. This year the selection in my area (San Luis Obispo) was terrible and they were gone quickly.