Craven's Craving" fig tree from the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego

I picked this fig up on f4f last winter. One of two cuttings rooted. it stalled forever. I thought I lost it. then it started growing. It’s still small but has 5 figs on it!? This fig is from Portugal, and is probably in the 6th flavor group.
Most of those figs will not ripen here. Now maybe this is a fluke, and the fig is really mixed up, but if next year it produces figs this early it should work here. Even if long maturing because I have a lot of season left at this point.
Here are some photos of this first leaf fig tree.


That looks great. I love those figs that set from the get go.

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I’m new to figs, and thanks Steve for introducing me to them. I started growing because I just like plants. And fig trees are one of the coolest. They grow so fast, are very cool looking, and really stand out.
Not the best picture but a 2nd leaf from a cutting Steve sent in the winter of 2014-15.
Behind it is a Carmine Jewel, also in a pot. Oh the fig is MBVS.

Here is a 2nd leaf Florea with garlic in the background. Both 2nd leafs, are full of fig fruit. Still very small at this point.


Everything looks so healthy. Great job!

Thanks, just lucky, and I have my share of failures too.

Nice looking, Drew! What size bags are those in right now?

Great stuff, Drew. I somehow missed the boat on that one. Will have to trade cuttings this fall! And I also wonder how long that one takes to ripen. You may not be out of the woods yet! May take up to 120 days :frowning:

Those are 10 gallon. A little big, but I figure a few years in them. I paid 4 dollars each for them.

I have that many, no frost till the middle of November or later. That gives me 135 days approx.

Wow! That long? I’ve only got until Late October. I did hear from a friend in the NYC area that any figs forming after mid July should just be plucked off because they won’t ripen here. I would start pinching your other figs now if they haven’t formed baby figs yet.

It can be shorter some years with frost coming in early November. So you do have a point! I may not get figs off this one every year. Hardly ever a frost in October. It can happen though. The Great Lakes buffer things here, many in the Northeast lost fruit to late frosts this spring, and here it was toned down because of the Lakes. I lost some fruit, but will have a harvest of sorts. pest pressure is taking the rest for the most part! Some trees had no loss.
Good news about this one is that is ripens well in the cold. At least it produces edible figs in the cold. no doubt they would be better in warmer temps.
All the plants have figs now. Luckily some require a lot less time to ripen. Florea ripens super fast. New figs in July on that one will ripen.
I also have very good lights, I could bring them in. The lights are powerful enough to grow figs full time, marijuana quality lights.

Figs stop ripening well before frosts arrive (they aren’t apples :wink:). Here in California, my figs stop ripening in early-mid October, when day temps drop to low 70s. Some of my figs produce their second crop in late September - early October, and you can observe as those that are somewhat later stop fruit development in second-third week of October. The first main crop here is in late July - August and the breba crop (for those varieties that produce breba) is in early-mid June.

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Part of it here is we have to start them so late many will not ripen in time. Spring arrives late here, so they are behind. Many will not ripen in time here. Early ripeners do well. Here mid October is nice too. Not yet very cold and no frosts yet. If all ripened by then i would be fine, they do not. Many of us here pull numerous figs off that will never ripen, a pain for sure.

Hey Drew they look great, those are from me though aren’t they? Never did get through that tomato list but maybe some day :wink:

Yes, thanks, they are doing well, and are very practical figs for my area. I’ll eventually get something to you for them. If anything ever catches your eye, let me know. These are very good plants, both of them. No doubt keepers for my area. Craven’s Craving is interesting as most of the Portugal figs like Preto, Black Madeira, ripen late. This may be an early ripening Portugal fig? Looking for the taste of those types in a fig that will ripen early enough to be decent in this area. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!
I don’t plan to obtain many more figs, so I want to evaluate many before I consider adding to the collection. I probably will eliminate some too.
Lebanese Red from Bass is an interesting fig. I have one as a rooted cutting, and it is producing fruit already too. Many of the Bass figs will work here, so nice to at least have one of them.

This post caught my eye as I live right in the heart of San Diego, I was wondering if you knew what the source of this tree is as in where in Point Loma if it is available I would like to visit.

Padsfan obtained the tree from an unknown home owner, all I know. It’s a fantastic fig. I have had great demand for cuttings and air layers, no way can I come close to meeting it.

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There’s been a lot of hype lately regarding this fig. Many say it’s better tasting than Black Madera. If you got those cuttings at a reasonable price your lucky. Two little cuttings went to auction and sold for $150. I’ve heard some have paid more, it’s crazy.

I know an individual who has a small tree from cuttings left and available, when i asked how much he wanted for it his response was how much will you give me. When you hear that you know it’s not going to be cheap, lol. I’ll wait till more people have it and then maybe i can get one at a reasonable price.


Hi Drew, would you happen to have cuttings of craven’s craving fig tree? I’d like to buy some

Check out this seller, he has CC and a bunch of other sought after figs. Cuttings aren’t cheap, but they’re probably cheaper than what you might find on figbid. This website was just ‘announced’ on OurFigs.

No idea how legit the seller is, so buyer beware…

I only trade CC right now. And I only need very rare figs. I have plenty of figs, so not interested in many, as said only a few rare ones are of interest to me. Also cuttings for next season are long ago already taken. Demand is unreal.

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