Cultivar suggestions: Non-astringent Persimmon

Hello, i am planning my orchard’s new arrivals for next year.
So, i was looking for any suggestions from you guys for a non-astringent persimmon tree, with a good crop and a good taste.
Im up to any kind of suggestion. even hybrids! which are still going to be hard to find in europe, but i’d still be super thrilled to even hear of them and dream!
Thanks a bunch!

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You are in Z9a. Fuyu is a non- astringent persimmon for you.

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Nishimura Wase and Maru are non astringent when pollinated and are also good tasting unlike the Fuyu types.

Thank you very much for your suggestions!
Sadly I could only find some fuyu varieties in European nurseries but not the ones that ramv suggested.
I found fuyu, Hana fuyu, giant fuyu which one is the best one ?
may i also ask you how much time does an astringent persimmon take to fully ripe? lets say in a box with apples?
Can you help me with some good varieties? I usually like persimmons that are not crunchy as apples but not even jelly-like. a juicy way in between!

Sharoni (perhaps called triumph too) is excellent! We get it here from Spain, it’s very sweet, soft but not mushy, somewhat juicy and has a flavor that reminds me of mangoes in Dec, Jan and Feb. If I have access to this tree I would definitely plant it. Be careful though, I found some European nurseries calling different varieties of persimmon as Sharon fruit, so only buy it from a reputable source.

Ahmad, I believe that Sharoni is an astringent type, like Rojo Brilliante, that is treated to remove the astringency so that it can be eaten firm like a non astringent.

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I heard that earlier, but was not confirmed, since I don’t know any one who grows that variety. The other notable fact about Sharoni is that when it fully ripens it becomes soft like a ripe Fuyu, but not jello, like a ripe Hachiya, which makes its eating quality more similar to non-astringent types.

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It may be that the treatment changes how ripening progresses. Here’s one place that refers to it as an astringent type:


Do you think that is possible to make this treatment at home?

I heard of several people doing it with alcohol or CO2 (using dry ice or CO2 tank). If you search this forum you will probably find some threads discussing it. By the way, if you let the Astringent types hang long on the tree, they will loose their astringency. Also, if I remember correctly, I think that Sharoni is grown in Italy too. Finally, Astringent or not, I would definitely have a Sharoni tree in my yard if I can get it.

I found a trusted nursery that sells it but one of its issues it’s his productivity being not optimal. So idk about it

That’s weird, it is supposedly a very good, widely cultivated commercial variety, which means good production!

Can you post a link to that trusted nursery you mentioned?


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I tried using my Sodastream and ziplock bag on some store bought astringent persimmons and on some American persimmons I grew. I didn’t have great success, but also didn’t approach it with much rigor.

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