Cut those scions today!

Yikes, things are waking up already here in 7A.

I cut scion wood a little over a week ago when things seemed still solidly asleep and am glad I did. I just walked around the garden and saw that the Apricots are already pushing flower buds. It doesn’t look too good to get a crop on this one, but who knows?

Fortunately, I don’t see anything else really pushing.

Obviously those folks where it is -20 might have a little more time…


Actually it also depends what you will cut. The figs and grapes here are in the middle of dormancy.


We had just few days below freezing marks this winter, and this is zone 6A. Last few days it s almost 50F during the day. However, Friday night we expect -7 F(feels like -22F). Honestly,I am not sure what could survive after such winter…


My Tomcot has a tiny hint of swelling. Most likely we won’t get cold enough to damage them at this stage, but I’m concerned because it’s going to jump to the 60s after this next cold snap, and every time it gets that warm, they advance a little more.

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The other thing that makes it more dicey is that we had plenty of chill hours already. The cold December was actually a negative in that regard.


I collected some mulberry and persimmon today.

Persimmons still looked very dormant… gerardi mulberry had some really nice buds… but dont think they were past prime. I got some last year that looked the same and they worked great for me.

My apples, che, jujube, cherry, eu plums, raspberry, logans… still look very dormant…

Blueberries and goumi had the most bud swell and some color showing in the buds.

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My stone fruits are swelling too. I agree, this may be total loss this year. At least it’s not all fruits. Yet.

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