Dapple Dandy Pluot 2021

Hi guys.
As you know, this year I lost 95% of my harvest due to a very unusual spring frost in my region (a phenomenon that occurs once every 30 years).
Today I have harvested some fruits of the Dapple Dandy pluot variety that have been saved of the spring frost , and I show you some photographs below.

As the tree has had little fruit load, the pluots
they have a very good caliber.

Some photos

Fruit in hand

Fruit weight

Harvest date

Open fruit

Brix level

I hope your harvests of this variety are of the same quality of mine, but more abundant (damn spring frost)



Here’s my DD from a couple of years ago. I moved to a new house and don’t have producing trees yet. When it reaches this stage of ripeness, it is a completely different fruit, amazing flavor and sugars, same league as Flavor Supreme and Flavor King!


Hi Ahmad.
Excellent pluots, and properly harvested.
In my case due to lack of time due to my work, this year I had to harvest the Dapple Dandy variety a bit prematurely.
In that small time difference between the fruits of my garden and those harvested from your garden, this variety reaches truly incredible levels of sugar and flavor (above all, it is appreciated in the increase in caramel flavor), which are up to par quality of Flavor Supreme and Flavor King.
Always all of you pay attention to the Flavor Finale and Flavor Treat varieties, which also have that characteristic flavor of high-quality pluots.



Ahmad, I’m going to ask you a question that has always caught my attention, to see if you can help me (it’s silly but I would like to know).
As you have eaten the varieties of pluot Flavor Supreme and Flavor King, which are two varieties that express very well the typical flavor of the pluot.
In the United States, you have some word or expression to define (not sweetness), a word to express the typical caramel flavor of good varieties of pluots.
That delicious flavor difficult to define.
The Spanish language he is extremely rich, but there is no word to define that delicious flavor, so I would like to know if in the United States you have any term to describe it.



Hi Jose-Albacete,

I am afraid my season is not long enough to properly ripen Flavor Finale and F Treat, however, if I build a greenhouse I will make sure to have one or both of them.

Regarding flavor descriptions, I am not sure which term you are looking for, but there are many descriptors that are used; e.g. sharp, mild, fruity, spicy, tropical, tart, subacid, unique, complex, rich etc. Then there ways to describe flavor by likening it to other fruits with somewhat characteristic flavors; e.g. mango like, strawberry like, pineapple like etc. Perhaps others can chime in too.

The way I would describe DD is that it has a very sweet, but rich or somewhat complex flavor.


Ahmad Yes, it is a delicious taste absolutely impossible to describe to a person who has not tasted the taste of a good pluot at its optimum point of ripeness.
It is a very sweet but very complex flavor, it is like caramel and with hints of tropical fruit (it is impossible for me to describe the flavor), it is delicious but impossible to describe in words hahahahaha.
I can assure you that it is worth building a small greenhouse to enjoy the Flavor Finale and Flavor Treat varieties.
Both varieties have that high sweetness and that powerful pluot flavor.

This year, more than 15-18 new varieties of pluots should have fruited for the first time in my orchard , but the spring frost wiped out their entire harvest and I have not been able to taste them.
Next year I hope to enjoy those wonderful flavors



I am with Ahmad, one of my dapple dandy came from Ahmad (thanks for the scion). It is dark red flesh even not fully ripe. I have another dapple dandy from different source which looks different but I have no yet cut it open to see if the flesh inside looks like the color in your picture or not.

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IL847, the color of the flesh of certain varieties of pluots varies depending on the state of maturity.
Normally the reddish tones originate next to the skin, and as maturation progresses, the reddish tone advances towards the center of the fruit.


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We are talking about specific cultivar called dapple dandy, correct? I am not talking about something in general. Another words, your dapple dandy may not be the dapple dandy I have

Yes IL847, I have understood you perfectly well,
We are talking specifically about the variety of pluot Dapple Dandy
" Correct " ?

I have told you that certain varieties of pluots, including the Dapple Dandy variety, have color variations depending on their harvest dates, but I think you have ignored it.

Look if you are so kind.

I show you photographs of the harvest of last year’s Dapple Dandy pluot variety (2020 harvest):

They are fruits from the same trees (I have three Dapple Dandy trees purchased at the Adams County Nursery, and absolutely legitimate):


This fruits were harvested only a few days after the fruits harvested this year, and yet watch the color of the meat change.

If we leave the fruits a few more days on the tree, the flesh will take on a more reddish color.

" Correct " ?

Could you if you are so kind to show pictures of the fruits of your orchard as I have done, that is, showing all the data (skin, flesh, and harvest dates) and so we can draw conclusions
I believe that climate , rootstock , and terrain factors can affect only in terms of maturity dates, but not in terms of variations in the color of the skin or of the flesh.


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Here are the internal color and out side skin color of two different dapple dandy in my yard. I took the picture today. You can see one is more dark red in the center. One is less red in the center compare to its own flesh.
The discussion has nothing to do with kindness or not. Just ,we put facts on the table to demonstrate points

The first picture is the outside skin looks like. It corresponding to light red of cut up one in second picture (only half left, rabbit chewed another half). The dark red one in second picture is the one in third picture. These two are totally different fruits.
BTW both are grafted on the same tree


Hi again Annie (sorry I didn’t look at your profile).
Damn it, I’m sorry if I’ve been rude, especially when I’m talking to a lady.
I don’t dare to be 100% sure, but I think you have a plum variety labeled the Dapple Dandy pluot variety.

This problem is very common and unfortunate if the variety does not come from a 100% reliable source (a reputable nursery), and even with all the guarantees of buying it from a reputable nursery there are flaws (you just have to see the number of people who have the Emerald Drop pluot, by the Emerald Beaut plum because of a labeling error by nurserymen).
I am looking at the ripening chart of the most common varieties in the United States, and it is very likely that your Dapple Dandy pluot is a Royal Diamond plum.

Look on the internet for images about the Royal Diamond variety.

And now again I apologize if I have seemed rude to you in my previous answer.

Annie, I send you a big hug

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I did not know that Adam County Nursery ships fruit trees overseas?

Mamuang, Adams County Nursery does not ship outside the United States, in fact it does not ship plants to certain American states due to phytosanitary restrictions.
But that doesn’t mean that I can’t buy their varieties.
The matter of how these varieties come to me is another history .


Oh, I think I know how many US-only fruit varieties came to you, Jose.

Not my dear mamuang.
You can’t get a little idea of the varieties that I have in my orchard from the United States and from other continents.
You really can’t even imagine , but always non-profit, that is, I only enjoy these varieties for family consumption and would never “NEVER” multiply, nor do I share any of these varieties with people from my country .


Annie, I am not sure which of these two come from my scion, but the first photo looks like the fruit I used to have on my tree when still not ripe. My tree came from Bay Laurel or Peaceful Valley (I can’t exactly remember now) both are exclusive Dave Wilson retailers. Mine ripened just after Flavor King and just before Flavor Grenade, second/third weeks of September (in Wilmington, DE).

@Jose-Albacete I am not sure if it happens with pluots, but with red fleshed nectarines and peaches (e.g. Indian Free and Arctic Glo) we have seen that location (soil?) can affect flesh color making it more white in certain locations and deep red in others.

Let’s say I was not born yesterday :joy:

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mamuang, hahahahahahaha.
We are all old foxes and we have many years of experience.
But tell me what seems more logical and better done in these two situations.

First situation:

  • Obtain cuttings of North American varieties through exchanges (do not be hypocrites, it is a practice that many people in this forum do)

Second situation:

  • I buy the trees in a North American nursery, a friend who lives there obtain the trees for his orchard ,and sends me the cuttings for graft .

It is not necessary to be very smart, for to know that the first option is absolutely inadvisable, while in the second option everyone obtains benefits without any type of risk

It’s that easy


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The world is not just black and white. I bought my current peach tree from reputable nursery that didn’t not match the description and ripen date . I found that out after it fruited which is three years later. Any nursery makes mistakes, reputable or not. So risk is always there. Since you claim you are very experienced fruit grower and did not born yesterday, I am sure you know that.