D'Arcy Spice apple

Has anyone tried this apple? It’s one that I’m interested in as it seems to be an interesting and unusual apple. However, I can’t find much availability for it here in the US. Trees of Antiquity has it, but at $36.95 plus shipping, it’s a bit more that what I’m usually willing to pay for an apple tree. If anyone has scion wood, I’d be willing to trade. If you have tried it, please let me know what you think.

It was horrible for me, bland and mealy. In my hot climate many of the English apples are bad.

I just budded it in August (another poster’s extra ARS wood). But, “bland and mealy” doesn’t sound encouraging. Hopefully I’ll be far enough North for it to do OK.

My tree was on a south-facing hill where it was extra hot, so that may have made it extra problematic…

Well, that doesn’t sound good. Maybe I’ll scratch that one off the list. The search continues…

I asked the owner of Maple Valley Orchards about it and he said that it was probably his worst grower. It’s pretty bad when someone who wants to sell advises not to buy it!