Dayton apple

I planted a Dayton on M26 in the middle of my cider block which is all M111 of Bud118. Doh! I probably had a reason at the time, but I don’t remember it. Not a good plan in retrospect.

I haven’t actually had a Dayton. It is disease resistant from what I read, but I don’t see many people raving about it’s taste. I have enough desert and dual purpose apples already. I don’t need to keep something mediocre. I’m planning on putting a proper cider tree in its spot next year. Is this apple good enough to replant elsewhere in the yard, or too boring to bother?

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I have a one year old Dayton that I grafted to M7 last year. Of course, it’s just a two foot sapling in a pot, so I can’t comment on it’s flavor or otherwise. I’ve read that it is a pretty good apple, but honestly I got it mostly because of its disease resistance. I have 9 other potted grafted trees (all M7) that will be planted eventually. I got all the scions at grafting class I’ve attended over the last 3 years.

Here’s some info from the Purdue site where it was developed-


I don’t know anything about Dayton apples, I just wanted to say that you could always leave it put and graft the cider apple of your choice to it.

Editing to say… I think I understand why you want to move it now, you don’t want that root stock in the area that you currently have it in.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I think I’ve decided to let it grow out for the year and collect some scions to graft onto another tree next spring. I hate to rip out the variety entirely without tasting it. The tree should still be small enough to dig up and give to a friend next spring. I’m in the 2020 derecho zone so there are plenty of people still re-planting their backyards here.


I’ve not seen nor tried “Dayton” apple. But, I’d keep it if I had it. Has good genetics. But, not a keeping apple, as most summer apples aren’t.
Disease resistant (good looking tree possibly for front yard) from the descriptions I read. Multiple members of the family tree have disease resistance.

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I planted it in honor of the birth of my only child- over 28 years ago. The tree now has several varieties of apples on it- none of them Dayton.

This grower says that Dayton is in his top 5 list of favorite apples


Nice video. TY for sharing this with us. I think this orchard is mid Michigan.