Death of a Peach-Plum

I had this second year Trilite peach plum. It was doing great and then in the last month slowly looks like it died.

My other peaches and plums look green and aren’t close to dormancy.

I’ve been treating it for borers. Plenty of water and fertilizer.

Any ideas? I’ll see if it leafs out next year I guess but not hopeful.

Perhaps something ate the roots?

You seem to either have too much water or burn from fertilizer. You might do a perk test near by to see if soil is not free draining peaches don’t like wet feet. If it’s water logged you may need to improve drainage. If you dig down near roots and find mud, that may confirm what I see
Good luck
Kent Wa


The other thing easy to help diagnose remaining life would be a scratch test just above the graft union. If you see green cambium it may spring back again next year, as long as it is not over watered.

Kent wa

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I agree with Dennis about the possibility of overwatering. We drowned a plum here one year. Turns out that overwatering causes leaf wilt that looks the same as that from underwatering.

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