Deformed pears

I found these couple of weird pears from my Korean Giant tree. It’s not like damage I’ve seen before. Is it something of concern? These were the only 2 that could be found on the tree.

I would speculate a pollination problem.

I would guess minor freeze damage during bloom/ early fruit form period.


Ah that’s definitely a possibility. We did get a freeze while most of the pear blossoms were in loose cluster in April. Most of the blossoms that showed damage fell off. I guess I might have not noticed these sooner otherwise they’d have been thinned off weeks ago.

My main concern was the strange russetting around the flat areas. I thought it could have been disease.

I think @clarkinks mentioned something along those lines resulting from frost. So maybe he’ll have a response.

Frost rings are different but can be seen here Very Deformed Pears . Thats more like early insect or disease problems when the fruit was very small.

I have had that once in a while but not enough for me to worry. I don’t know what has caused it but I tend to think it is a disease than a pest damage.

Hope someone who knows will tell us.

The damage below I know - stinkbug. Lot of damage this year . Look like they started doing damage before all petal fall!!


I started out thinking that stinkbugs would have to let the fruit size up before doing their damage but I was wrong.

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They started very early. Stinkbugs and Tarnish Plant bugs started earliest, earlier than PC.

In my yard, the line up is stinkbugs/Tarnished Plant bugs, PC, OFM/ Coddling moths, apple maggot flies. By then, birds and chipmunks start to join in. Follow by squirrels and more.

I don’t want to jink myself but we have not seen deer lately.

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