Diospyros seedling taproot growth size

I have few seeds sprouting (Lotus/Kaki) and I was wondering if this bag 5" will cause the tap root to bind in the next 2 months please? Is there a guideline on how much taproot growth to expect in the first few months of growth? I’m too afraid to transplant now as the plant seems too fragile and I won’t be around for few weeks to do it later.

Anyone familiar with growing Diospyros from seed?



In both cases it takes full season to see any roots coming out of your pot.

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I noticed tap roots don’t recover well once they wrap around :frowning_face:

I’ve been heavily pruning the tap root as I repot them into rootmaker pots. The idea is to encourage fibrous root growth before putting them in ground. Hopefully it works.


Thanks! In a semi arid region, I have been trying to keep roots as deep as possible hoping that they would always find some humidity even during the hottest/driest months.