Diospyrus (persimmon) hybridizations

This appears to be a topic of interest in various threads so I’ve given it a home here.


I’d love to hear if anyone knows the likelihood of being able to cross D. texana with any other persimmons. I’ve got one little seedling that seems to have survived our winter nicely, but have not yet gotten any more seeds to germinate. I may just grow this one if there’s any chance it’ll hybridize with another species.

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Why stop at d lotus x d Virginiana. Give me some d Virginiana x d Californica or nigra. Or kaki x those.

My own favorite fruit in the genus is D. nigra but it seems so different from the rest that I can’t imagine it would cross readily. But I’d definitely love to see the result if it’s possible! Maybe I should try to grow one in my greenhouse and see if texana and nigra can cross?

Texana x kaki also of big interest. All my texanas kicked the bucket though

On the tropical side of things, there’s Mabolo (D. blancoi), Black Sapote (D. nigra), and Jackalberry (D. mespiliformis). Black Sapote might be worth crossing with D. texana.

Does anyone have a ploidy chart / document for the different Diospyros species?

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I found this paper which includes some species like texana, but not nigra:


No clue about the accuracy, but here are some charts from that: