Discount Codes Thread 2019


Since the other discount thread was started in 2015, I thought I would start a new one for just 2019. Feel free to add any other sales or coupon codes.

Cummins Nursery: 20% off all fruit trees in stock. Code TREESALE20

Stark Bros, Ison’s, and Plantmegreen are all having springs sales. Up to 25% off pecan trees at plantmegreen.

Questions not deserving of a whole thread

Cummins sale INCLUDES rootstock with the same discount code. Mystery apples (trees that have lost their tags) should be ordered separately at 50% off with code MYSTERY50.


What I am looking for is some CHEAP (free is best, but the cheaper the better), dwarfing rootstock for Japanese and European Plums. I plan to grow it out and use it for my own rootstock in the future. any ideas?


If Americana works for that, I could send you several small ones for postage. Mine actually make awesome fruit, too, except the skin’s too astringent to eat raw at least.

#5 just put all bare root pecan trees at 50% off.


So, I was at work when I read this. By the time I got home, Cummins had sent me an “order pending” email and blocked changes to my order. Dammit.


Sounds like a plan…PM incoming.


Call them and they’ll probably make the changes over the phone.


If anyone is looking for Carpathian walnuts, Ison’s has them 25% off.


Who has ISON’s free shipping code?
I want to buy some rabbit eye blueberry.


England’s Orchard and Nursery selling jujubes at 20% off April 1-12th. Contorted, Li, Lang, Sugar Cane are available.


I was just coming here to post that :slight_smile:

From Englands

We are Offering 20% off on Just Jujube TREES
Sale Begins April 1st thru 12th April 2019
SO / AKA Contorted Large Only
LI Large only
LANG Large Only
Sugar Cane XL , Large , Medium and Small size trees"


Cummins cider apple tree sale:

Take 30% Off All Cider Apple Trees Until April 15; Pears, Apricots, and Nectarines Are Sold Out; Peaches, Cherries, Plums Winding Down.

Use Coupon CIDER30


Cummins is having their final tree sale. 35% off all trees, and 70% off ‘Mystery’ trees.

Coupon codes SPRING35 and MYSTERY70.


Stark’s has under six dollar flat shipping right now and many things also on sale. A lot of pears.


Edible Landscaping is having a sale for another few weeks.


A. M. Leonard has Free Shipping, No Minimum until July 8.
Use Promo Code: 7B19P


Nativ Nurseries is offering a ‘buy one get one free’ deal on all of their oak trees. If you’re looking for yard or wildlife trees, then this is a pretty good deal. No discount code, and you’ll see the credit in the “shopping cart”.


JF&E has $15 off a $100+ purchase. Use code
fruitscape19 at checkout.


Groworganic has 15% off til nov 22 with BAREROOTCAT19. Shipping also a flat 30 bucks…