Discount Codes Thread 2019

Since the other discount thread was started in 2015, I thought I would start a new one for just 2019. Feel free to add any other sales or coupon codes.

Cummins Nursery: 20% off all fruit trees in stock. Code TREESALE20

Stark Bros, Ison’s, and Plantmegreen are all having springs sales. Up to 25% off pecan trees at plantmegreen.


Cummins sale INCLUDES rootstock with the same discount code. Mystery apples (trees that have lost their tags) should be ordered separately at 50% off with code MYSTERY50.


What I am looking for is some CHEAP (free is best, but the cheaper the better), dwarfing rootstock for Japanese and European Plums. I plan to grow it out and use it for my own rootstock in the future. any ideas?

If Americana works for that, I could send you several small ones for postage. Mine actually make awesome fruit, too, except the skin’s too astringent to eat raw at least. just put all bare root pecan trees at 50% off.

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So, I was at work when I read this. By the time I got home, Cummins had sent me an “order pending” email and blocked changes to my order. Dammit.

Sounds like a plan…PM incoming.

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Call them and they’ll probably make the changes over the phone.

If anyone is looking for Carpathian walnuts, Ison’s has them 25% off.

Who has ISON’s free shipping code?
I want to buy some rabbit eye blueberry.

England’s Orchard and Nursery selling jujubes at 20% off April 1-12th. Contorted, Li, Lang, Sugar Cane are available.


I was just coming here to post that :slight_smile:

From Englands

We are Offering 20% off on Just Jujube TREES
Sale Begins April 1st thru 12th April 2019
SO / AKA Contorted Large Only
LI Large only
LANG Large Only
Sugar Cane XL , Large , Medium and Small size trees"


Cummins cider apple tree sale:

Take 30% Off All Cider Apple Trees Until April 15; Pears, Apricots, and Nectarines Are Sold Out; Peaches, Cherries, Plums Winding Down.

Use Coupon CIDER30

Cummins is having their final tree sale. 35% off all trees, and 70% off ‘Mystery’ trees.

Coupon codes SPRING35 and MYSTERY70.


Stark’s has under six dollar flat shipping right now and many things also on sale. A lot of pears.

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Edible Landscaping is having a sale for another few weeks.

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A. M. Leonard has Free Shipping, No Minimum until July 8.
Use Promo Code: 7B19P

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Nativ Nurseries is offering a ‘buy one get one free’ deal on all of their oak trees. If you’re looking for yard or wildlife trees, then this is a pretty good deal. No discount code, and you’ll see the credit in the “shopping cart”.

JF&E has $15 off a $100+ purchase. Use code
fruitscape19 at checkout.


Groworganic has 15% off til nov 22 with BAREROOTCAT19. Shipping also a flat 30 bucks…