Do birds immediately like bird baths?

Do birds take to bird baths pretty instantly like within a few days? Do they show up after a few weeks or months…

Sometimes the birds will not use it until they see other birds using it. From what I have seen over the years.

Birds may not be bashful as humans in that regard, but if there’s a better and more secluded option in the neighborhood…you’ll have to improve on your offer. Bird baths like bird feed should have the birds in mind first, personal pleasure of viewing them should be secondary.

If there’s plenty of food for the birds in the neighborhood, and plenty of other bathing places…

This is mine. I moved it to this spot maybe last summer. Gets used heavily. It’s pretty close to the house (that is tape on the window from my kids hanging stuff). I have to dump it and spray it out/refill it every couple of days.


I remember someone suggested to hang a gallon jug with a small leak , a drip like a pin hole , above a bird bath on a pole ,to let it drip into a new bird bath so the water will ripple and the birds will notice.

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Yes, running water gets their attention and is more to their liking if they have the option.