Do you accurate measure fertilizer

All my potted tree’s, figs, citrus and a few others are getting the same amount wether they like or not. So far no complaints
I use Peters 25/5/15 H/P my main fert, add some micro,s of and on.
My tb spoon might not look like yours but I do know how much to add to a 6 gl container.


I guess the guys on the fig forum using more precise measurements. I didn’t know figs needed that exact requirement in fertilizer. Mine are like humans, they eat anything. If it is too much and they can,t eat it all today they safe the rest for tomorrow’s meal. I eat leftovers.

I use Florikan for fertilizing potted trees and raised beds. I believe the dose I use is 1tbsp per gal of soil. After doing a pot or two with a table spoon I just grab a fist full and sprinkle what looks right. Its a lot harder to burn plants with 4-5 month slow release products.

Doesn’t make sense for me to be super precise in my application when I cant even measure how well fertilized the soil already is.

Its kind of like taking multivitamins, sure you could be deficient in something and the multivitamin can fix that. But if you are in good health and your body already gets enough nutrients from the food you eat then you are just making really expensive pee.

Accurate measurements are more important for potted plants. I estimate the Osmocote I spread on the ground, but I measure what I put on pots. Since figs are flowers and not fruits, I can see the nutrient concentrations having a greater effect on fig quality.

Pots and containers means this to me, pots are smaller than containers.
Pots to me are sizes 1 through 6 gl,s, containers are from 7 to…gl,s.
Large containers is what I use for figs, why? Their roots. Small pots don’t work for me, 7 gl,s are just starter pots.
My large squat fig containers bought them from AM, Leonard’s,they are very flimsy, but strong, lay the tree on its side, comes right out, get your electric chainsaw, trim the rootball to your liking, loosen roots a bit, a little new “soil”, your good to go.Next. Love automation, I, was a robotic tech and automation is my profession for about 40 years. I can make those guys sing.

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I just took a look at those AM Leonard containers and they look like a good option. I’ve been using the fabric root pouches, but you can’t reuse them and they are hard to move around after the first year or so when the handles start ripping from the weight. Are the rims strong enough to use to lift the pots without them bending/tearing?

Been using the 15 gl squat containers, they work out pretty good. Can not handle anything bigger anymore.Usely free shipping in the fall.went from 25 to 20 gl’s, still too big, next down potting, i am going to 15 gl.

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Have you tried a trashcan and dolly setup? I am considering trying 20 gal heavy duty trash cans, and moving them with a single dolly. Less of a crouch than a squat pot.
Something like this.