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Several forum members have small business. Before I create a Reference post listing them all. I though it would be wise to first ask who wants to be included. @Barkslip @wildforager @derekamills @JesseS @applenut @39thparallel @SkillCult @zeamaizing @blueberrythrill @Olpea

PS: Please tag any member you know with a business so they can see this thread.


I’m on eBay: conifers825

soon to change to a website, that is, prior to this coming Fall.




Please feel free to add us.


Please tell us about you and share a link.

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I have Ancient Dam Farm in Wallkill NY. Its a very small operation I sell mostly berry plants (currants, gooseberries, kiwi berries, sea berries) as well as cold Hardy figs. I do not have a site-I am working on it. I’ll be happy to send it to you in a few weeks.


Thank You, @lordkiwi !
I actually have 2 businesses in 1.
I am a fine artist. Painter, to be exact.
I ‘used to be’ an art director in advertising - and still use those skills to promote my businesses, Kinser Fine Art - and - Over the Moon by Kiki
Reference Away! Some of our membership may want to check out my gifts for kids on Over the Moon by Kiki. :baby:t3:


Sure go ahead, thanks. Hocking Hills Orchard is my business name.


Is this for orchards / farm businesses specifically?

I run a business that helps food and snack manufacturers sell on Amazon. Some of the accounts I manage sell dried fruit products, some sell grains like rice.

If you (or someone you know) want to sell something on Amazon, or want help making an existing product sell better feel free to send me a PM. You can also check us out on:


Where to draw the line is a interesting question. I see no reason to exclude your business. You and your business sound like it could be a valuable resource to forum members with orchards looking for places in need or product.


We are a small family owner and operated fruit tree nursery located in northeastern Kansas. We specialize in varieties that show good disease resistance and cold hardiness for the upper Midwest. We also do custom grafting for customers as well.
also on Facebook… Turkey Creek Trees


My real name is Paul Christensen and my business is Computer Professionals Onsite. I have 2 partners and our business is computer networking for small and medium businesses. We operate in South Eastern Michigan.
More information is on my website



To all of our business owners out there. We have got to work on Marketing. If you have websites you have to share them. etc.


I support garden clients doing a variety of perennial and shrub maintenance work. Also grow, propagate, and provide ornamental shrubs and berry bushes; with focus on Ribes - black currants and gooseberries. It’s nice to travel around the area and recognized plants from my nursery.

By all means. Do we have forum policies and or rules; not that I am advocating by any means:) We’re a diversified lot with a shared passion.


My home business is making lighted house number signs.


Those are cool

I’m an artist. Paintings, prints and note cards are available in my online store:

I also offer a variety of products featuring my artwork on Zazzle:


I have never been endorsed for this thread or reprimanded so the rules are being made up as they go. I think at a minimum one should have member status before being included in the Reference section post. So keep posting and participating.


We are a small family owned farm: Deep Blue Farm (4 acres) that sells various unique and traditional fruits in Perry County PA. Come see me during the summer at 283 Evergreen Road, Shermans Dale PA 17090. Feel free to check my profile for what we have to offer or visit my facebook at Deep Blue Farm - Home | Facebook. Thanks everyone and hope to see any of you that are local!


We’re a tiny seasonal apple nursery that specializes in apple trees for hot climates and the tropics. We do exports that require root washing, treatment, and international phytos that are shipped via DHL to Africa, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. Countries we specifically cannot ship to due to phyto restrictions are the Philippines, Nigeria, India, and the EU. We ship February-March and shut down after that and carry no inventory and have no retail location. We have a branch in Uganda that services East Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, and Tanzania. Oddly enough, we still get orders from the northern part of the USA. Website is


Why is it you can not ship to Trinidad?