Do you think I have a White Winter Pearmain apple?

I grafted WWP this spring and did not not know that it set fruit. It bore one fruit.

I read up on WWP and looked at pictures on line. The pic from Cummins looks somewhat similar to mine. Dave Wilson’s and Big Horse Creek, not so much. The pic from Wikipedia looks the closest to mine.

The description fits better than the pic. Pale yellow, red/ pink blush on one side, waxy dots, etc. Flesh is cream color not pure white.

But then, many apples look similar to one another. do you think I have WWP?



Pretty apple. I am not sure but I had looked at this one to try to grow. The ones I have seen are more conical. However, I am definitely not an expert on them. Since you only had one that does not give you a decent comparison with more off the same tree. I’ve seen some apples looking a little different than the rest of them on the same tree.

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One of the most beautiful apples I’ve seen no matter what it is. Wow.


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@Barkslip, thanks. It did look pretty indeed.

@MikeC, Yes, one apple is hard to tell. I see that in most pics, WWP look conical. But some descriptions say it’s a round shape.

I ate it today. The texture was quite dense. I could taste tannin and some sweetness. Brix was 14. This was before I read @scottfsmith’s reviews on WWP. Scott said it is a late apple and has good storage potential.

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Yep I read about it being a great storage apple.


Yes it’s text book the same great looking apple!

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Thanks, Clark.

Don’t know if I’ve stunted that graft for letting it fruited. So far, it has potential.

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Looks like a great apple regardless. Maybe next year you will have more fruit to compare.
I have one apple tree that for the last three years I had only one apple on it each season. Odd, I know. Maybe next year I will have two, or more to compare.

What variety is that tree? So stingy.

It is a Northern Spy apple. I planted it in 2013. It is supposed to take a long time to actually produce fruit. Many places state it can take up to 10 years. So I was happy to get one apple each year.

Precocity also has a lot to do with rootstocks. My Honey Crisp on an unknown roostock took 7-8 years to bear. On a more dwarf rootstock, it takes only 3-4 years to fruit. After reading up on Northern Spy, it sounds similar. Also, both have biennial tendency.

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How, 7-8 years before fruiting. Sounds about the same. I have a Honeycrisp as well. (The leaves look HORRIBLE and sickly each year) I had one smaller apple on it this year. I planted it the same year 2013.

Mine HC could actually took nearly 10 years. I bought the potted tree from a local nursery, one my first two apple trees. The tree itself was at least 2-3 years old. Altogether, it took about 10 years to bear fruit. If you don’t know your NP rootstock, it’s likely a standard rootstock.

Biennialing is also frustrating. This spring, I finally thinned off my HC flowers
( yes, before they had a chance to set fruit) about 70-80% to prevent biennialing. This year it may work. I see fruit spurs on the tree.

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Nice looking app,e, and a quick reward for your grafting work!
My WWP tree has shown itself to be slow to bear, no flowers or fruit after 7 years (on antonovka). Maybe next year?

You’ve got a double whammy there, a standard rootstock ( Antonovka) and a tripoid apple!!

When I found out that it is a tripoid variety, I was surprised it set fruit this soon. Mine graft is on a Honey Crisp that has over 20 varieties grafted on it, though.

Hope yours will fruit next year. Don’t forget, it is probably better as a storage apple.