Do you use your phone or a desk top to access GF?


I’m currently out of town and am using my cell phone to access Growing Fruit most of the time (I have laptop also). I almost never use my phone to access any internet site, including GF. Scott has done a fantastic job of making the site user friendly for both mobile and desktop users, but it certainly is a different experience. The good news for all of you is that it makes it harder for me to write my unnecessarily long posts. ha. But I’m just curious…do most of you access GF via the phone,tablet, laptop, or desktop? Just wondering


Both. :slight_smile:


I just use the desktop, I don’t like using my phone for forums. Its good to know, and not surprising, that this one has a good interface.

I like to open each thread I’m interested in reading, into a tab of its own. I open all of them, and then close them as I read. Its more time efficient when one has a slow or intermittent connection. I also like seeing, by the number of remaining tabs, how much I have left to go.


95% of time I use my phone. I almost never use a computer any more. Since I take all of my photos with a phone it makes it so easy to upload pics. No downloading necessary. I have an iPad Pro as well but almost never use it.




Both. I enjoy reading the forum on my morning and evening commute. Then I keep it open on my computer when I’m home. I guess I spend a lot of time here.


My wife and I use Google Photos so every photo we take on our cell phones is also on our desktops. no download necessary. She has an iPhone, I have a Nexus, and our desktops are MS Windows.


I don’t think I’ve ever used a laptop to access this site. It’s always just the phone. It’s definitely very user friendly. Specially if you want to post pics.
Then again my posts are usually pretty short, unlike thecityman’s :yum: So I don’t really need a real keyboard.


Yes you are right. I also use Google photos and the autosync is a great feature. I just prefer the phone. Its so convenient. Since my wife has also switched to using her cell phone primarily we’ve relegated the PC to the basement office and we just aren’t down there that often.

And the mobile site for GF is great. Nicely formatted.


I would think that Scott would have device or screen size statistics of site visitors.


Most of the time is spent on my Acer tablet. I don’t access it on the smartphone very much, as we don’t have decent coverage out here in the hinterlands. Sometimes, I access the site on the laptop, but it’s a bit more cumbersome to use.


Hey it looks like I do! (I never noticed)

In the last month … 2100 mobile user visits and 7000 visits. I guess the 7000 is total visits so 2/7ths are mobile…

I use all devices myself, right now I am on my iPad but I think even today I used both phone and laptop as well earlier.


Neanderthal that I am, this is accessed only via desk top. It is simple: I do not possess a cell phone!

Maybe next year…


When I’m at work,my access is with a phone and then on a tablet during breaks.
At home it’s with a desktop. Brady


Laptop here

My phone isn’t up to the internet. I just use it for like … phone calls


I use my tablet and laptop mostly. On a few occasions I use my phone.


Desktop w/2 screens, theater style, LOL.
Like @murky I read it like a newspaper but w/ my proper cup of tea.
Maybe it is my personality (duh) or the type of work I do, but I find instant constant connectibility distracting.
I find disconnecting peacefully therapeutic.
I find the discussions here enjoyable so I want to give my full attention when possible. My cell is for pics and family.


I’m somewhat surprised how many of you are phone only (or phone “mostly”) folks. Even if I didn’t type my little novels (why would use me as an example of long posts, @susu? ha) I still just prefer using the site on a PC by far. I’m with @murky 100% and have a system similar to his. I have a desktop in my home office along with a comfy chair and a tv, so I usually kick back in that chair with the TV on while I’m surfing GF. I just find the larger screen size and other things about using a desktop vs phone for GF, but it looks like many of you don’t agree. I was just curious about other people’s routines and technology were, Thanks for sharing.


Exclusive phone here. The only time I use a desktop is at work where I’m too busy to read here. I tend to read on the phone during down times like while brushing teeth or waiting for someone, hence my lack of posting.


never on my phone, only on my PC, I do have two 43" 4k displays hooked up, so I am a bit biased.