Do your peaches usually drop leaves while green?

Do your peaches typically have any fall color? My new tree seems to be dropping leaves a bit, and not even yellowing, just turning a bit “pale” or off-color green, and falling at a light touch or breeze. I vaguely recall in the past seeing at least a bit of yellow first.

I noticed a bunch of green leaves under my peach tree while mowing the grass yesterday. The tree and the leaves look completely healthy, so I just figured it was that time of year.

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IME fruit trees generally don’t get fall color to speak of, but it did seem weird.

I talked about this in another thread. I noticed that just about all the leaves on my Blushingstar peach have dropped, whereas the other 3 peaches have most of theirs. We had a few nights just below freezing, so I’m guessing that’s the reason. I did a scratch test on some scaffolds and they are good. The leaves aren’t really changing color, just kind of curling up and dropping.

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I have had thee phases happen. Dropped while green, greenish, and then yellowish.

In the fall most of our peach leaves drop while green. In the summer, it seems like the yellow leaves drop from the peach trees.

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