Documentaries I think you might enjoy

Thought someone might enjoy these documentaries that I found on youtube

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I like when the Columbian-Floridian woman sticks the mango seductively under Bill Pullman’s nose at the fruit auction. Wild stuff! Thanks for posting.

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Thanks Clark.This is a good thread,with hopefully,many additions coming. Brady

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I saw Fruit Hunters some time ago and liked it.
Has anyone here read this? IS it worth the time?

Fruit Hunters the nature of things videos posted above are interesting to me but I have not read that book.

Here is an interesting video documenting a customer’s tour of the operation at Adams County Nursery.

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Adam Gollner wrote an interesting book called “The Fruit Hunters.” Search Youtube for Adam Gollner and you’ll some of his videos.

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The wife and I watched the one about the spice trail last night. Very good! Thanks for posting!

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July 10th/11th tomorrow is Fairchild mango festival 2021
Mentioned on first Video posts (fruit Hunters Nature of Things part one)

I normally do not watch these , but sat, and ate some food,
and to block out the Obnoxious noise in the back round.

At least with the first Video could skip the first 4 minutes it’s just filler these shows do
of people saying why they like fruit.

I did look through some just opening
I did watch some parts of Chocolate one’s (=TEZ coded one) & another.

I hope in no way I sound critical there used to be a good program on Veria Living no longer available
The Genesis of Healing with Alastair Greener
with 26 episodes a hour long each it appears , but now is no where to be found
The show talked about Old medicine techniques even used to day like leeches Maggots to clean wounds , and stuff like reflexology, Homeopathy, Blood letting etc.
(they changed the channel to Z living, and the quality went down hill except Beverly Hill Billy’s now off air.)

A little young to be saying this, but I should of recorded those shows (The Genesis of Healing ) on VHS ( on a VCR Video recording device) when I saw them back then.

Looks like a lot of your video’s are removed as well.
I’d think the production company (brush fire films) would offer a watchable sample ,
and encourage people to buy maybe but now lost someplace in cyber space with no Monetary value…

In your first documentary you posted was about fruit explorers
this one is about Cactus Explorers but is text
(my post almost got deleted when PC turned off so couldn’t finish, and re found lost post.)

PBS has had some interesting things as well on plants
I have been noticing a lot of TV has been having a lot of filler lately when it comes to documentaries
, but as long as it’s skipped over isn’t that bad sometimes
( after a while you get a feel how they produce most the Shows now a days.)

Fouquieria purpusii

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Not quite the same thing, but Wierd Explorer has a few hundred videos on trying various forms of unusual fruit, most of it exotic to the US and much of it tropical.

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The Grog I imagine this post has more in common then the You tube channels post
In no way Am I trying to police this topic just thought it is better suited there
(already posted though there)

(I guess in a way It is documenting the way a fruit might taste a documentary of fruit species flavors)

Favorite YouTube channels

Forbidding Fruit: How America Got Turned On To The Date

(here is a sample, but not going to copypaste whole thing)

In 1898, the U.S. Department of Agriculture created a special department of men called Agriculture Explorers to travel the globe searching for new food crops to bring back for farmers to grow in the U.S.

“These agricultural explorers were kind of like the Indiana Joneses of the plant world,” says Sarah Seekatz, a California historian who grew up in the Coachella Valley, the date capital of the U.S.

These men introduced the country to exotic specimens like the mango, the avocado and new varieties of sweet, juicy oranges. But of all the exotic fruits brought, the story of the biblical date — and its marketing, cultivation and pollination — remains one of the most romantic of all.

David Fairchild, a botantist who helped found the Agricultural Explorer program, was one of the first to travel to Baghdad to investigate dates.

“He chose Baghdad,” says Seekatz, “in part, because he remembered One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, and … stories of Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The book was a well-known childhood tradition for generations of Americans.”

Edit I have a ton of these I need to find in my emails (from years back)
if your like me, and would rather me forward all of them in a email so some reading material later
I could probably look into making a list or forwarding what I already saved.

Finished this yesterday. Absolutely fantastic footage of plant life. Great stories as well.

green planet

Great documentary


If you are a farmer and or a meat eater this is a new and interesting documentary.

The govt gave free nutrients (biosolids) to farmers for free. They spread them on their pastures and fed their cattle/pigs/livestock.

They tested one farm out of many tens of thousands… and found it to be contaminated from using biosolids. They are going to destroy his herd, he is not allowed to grow anything on his land ever again for human consumption… its toxic. The contaminants found in his beef and in his crops are causing cancer in folks that eat it…also in children etc.

They did not test any other farm and arent going to… it will be bad for the economy… and disrupt the food chain. They know that all the other farms are toxic too.

If you like fruits and vegetables… this is a very interesting documentary about how we are eating ourselves to extinction.