Does anyone know when One Green World gets their spring trees in

I am looking at buying Honey Babe and a Eldorado peach trees from One Green World. I am wondering if anyone knows when they open.

You can order online. Best to get info from the horse’s mouth though, and send an e-mail. They are quick to respond.

I subscribed to their waitlist for the items and sent a email. I am wondering if they already sold out all together or if they are not selling yet in the season.

I got a peach tree from them two weeks ago (in oregon) so they’re shipping now if they have them in stock. I think they’re waiting on those two you mentioned though, I’m waitlisted for honey babe myself and have been since last june and haven’t gotten an email yet

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So I presume they are getting them soon and not sold out for the season since you were on the waitlist since June.

yes. their inventory system has been pretty solid in the past when I’ve waitlisted or ordered other things

They are shipping to the west coast now.
Our winter appears to be over.


The long-range weather models keep giving us a really hard frost (like low teens) about 10 days out, but it’s been 10 days out for a week now, because the arctic air masses keep shifting a bit east. But maybe one of these times it’ll happen and we’ll get a last gasp of winter…

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I’m seeing no freezes in the near future but we could still get them all the way upto March.

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Yeah, for awhile the models kept showing stuff like this, but you’re right the latest ones look like winter has given up. I’m ready to start spring planting!

I’ve also been waitlisted for some OGW stuff since late fall, so I too wonder when they get their spring stock in…

Nothing but praise for One Green World. Highly recommended as a source for grafted pawpaws.
I did pre-order a persimmon a few months ago only to be told later that their supplier flaked out, but turns out i changed my mind on the tree anyway.
But otherwise great reliable service and quality plants IME.


Yeah I’d say they rank well above other popular regional nurseries like Raintree, both in selection and size/quality of their stock.


I got a bad plant from them once but they fixed it. I bought a pink popcorn blueberry from them and it came with a sever fungus or disease. I am talking the stems were black. I talked to them and it seems that variety is somewhat prone to disease and fungus though.

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Just so you know they emailed me and told me their honey babe and Elderado trees are completely sold out for the season.

darn, I wonder if their wait list database got tossed at some point. I checked my emails and I subscribed and then nothing. went to re-subscribe after your note and it let me subscribe again (normally it would say “you were already subscribed”

added honey babe to the list for next year, I wanted that to fill a hole in my ripening timeline. probably from bay laurel though

Even Bay Laurel has stopped shipping. It looks like Lowes may get a honey babe and a ultra dwarf elberta tree.

Damn you jinxed us

Damn! It’s getting cold.

But as usual we can thank the mountains for holding back the truly cold air to our north… Not that far away the temperatures will be eye popping when we get those mild frosts. (Sorry about getting off-topic!)