Does your Sugar Cane Jujube look like this?

I think I have seen images where the fruit is rounder.


Here are my Sugarcane from prior year with the quarter on top. The rounder ones are Honey Jar.



Speaking of Sugarcane, my SC is being utilized by the local ant colony to the point I can’t enjoy any of the fruit for myself. Strange, as it is literally touching a Honeyjar that goes undisturbed. First the ants make a cut, then clear out the inside as they - I assume - make nest? To note, the fruits are undamaged prior to the ants invasion. Below are a few pictures showing the progression:


If I were to “pop” that last pictured jujube, it would just collapse and about 30-50 ants would come storming out.

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Try to use tangle foot on the trunk of the tree so the ants can’t get to the fruits.



The Sugarcane jujubes I’ve gotten have been very close to round, very different from the photo at the top of this thread.

Your Sucar Cane has a narrow shape. Mine looked like other posters’, fatter and oblong, not round.

Either you got a mislabeled tree or your growing climate is quite different so it produced SC that shaped differnly.


Thank you for everyone’s pictures and confirmation. I got my scion from Cliff England’s many years ago and grafted onto Sherwood. I have since grafted on to regular rootstock and the fruits still look the same. Even the seeds are narrow and slender! They start turning color from the bottom when ripening.

Now I am wondering if they even taste different.


I’d love to know what variety is your jujube. The shape of the fruit and the seeds are not like Sugar Cane.

@KYnuttrees, Cliff England is a forum member here. I hope he will chime in to help you figure out what jujube variety you have there.

It’s interesting. How do they taste?

Not Sugarcane. Maybe Tigertooth? If they taste mediocre they could be tigertooth

Below is a list of the jujubes we have in the planting

JUJUBE planting far right of house Farm # 3

Row 1 Tree PLT 2018

  1. Topeka
  2. XC 815
  3. YU Jujube
  4. Sang Wang
  5. Hanna Zao (Frog)
  6. Silber Special Jujube
  7. Huping Jujube
  8. Chico
  9. MI AKA Gourd jujube
  10. Hui Jo
  11. Orange Beauty
  12. Dragon Yong Dae Chu
  13. Tea pot

  14. Globe
  15. Huk San
  16. Sherwood Rooted
  17. Don Polenski
  18. Dae Bai Ling
  19. Linyi Pear Jujube
  20. MU Jujube
  21. YU jujube

Row 2 Tree PLT 2014

  1. HULU Jujube
  2. Roger Meyers SW-1
  3. MU Jujube
  4. Fitzgerald
  5. Huk San
  6. Dragon Yong Dae Chu
  7. Xu Zhou Xu Zhou England’s G 6 feet
    8. Honey Jar G 3 feet
    9. Root stock
    10. Honey Jar G 3 feet
    11. Kima Bay Laurel G 8 feet
    12. Honey Jar G 5 feet
    13. Li DWN G 8 X 8
    14. Honey Jar G 3 feet
    15. Jin RM G 8 X 4
    16. Honey Jar Small G
    17. SDL SMALL fruit
    18. Honey Jar G
    19. Li # 2 Halina jujube
    20. Honey Jar G 6 FT
    21. Li – LEC G

Row 3 Tree

  1. Seedling small fruit
  2. Wang Dae Chu KO G
  3. Shan Xi Li G RM 6 x 3 very large fruit
  4. Tigers tooth JF
  5. Seedling root stock Large tree med fruit
  6. BOK JO G
  8. Seedling
  9. Black Sea OGW G
  11. COCO Seedling
  14. Honey Jar G
  15. Wang Dae Chu Han kuk G

Row 4 Tree

  2. Hana Zao Chun kuk G **
  3. DONG Zao
  4. Meyers Roger
  5. SDL small fruit tart
  6. Autumn Beauty
  8. ‘Dong Zao G
  9. SEEDLING RED TAG 2 TREES small fruit
  10. MU G
  11. Dong Zao / Mei mi/ Nitra
  12. Tigers Tooth G
  13. Sugar Cane G
  14. Utah jujube G

Row 5 Tree

  1. Li LEC G
  3. Meyers G
  4. Fitzgerald Jujube G
  5. SDL Good Fruit
  6. Massandra G
  7. Autumn Beauty G
  8. ‘Honey Jar G
  9. Sherwood LEC, LG FRUIT SWEET G
  10. Wal Dae Chu Chun kuk
  11. Zhou Chui Wang Chun China G
  13. 2 trees as one Dong Zao +Wu He Zao
  14. ‘Wal Chul Dae chu
  15. BOK JO G

Row 6 Tree

  1. CoCo NWN G
  2. Sherwood G LEC small tree G

  3. SDL and Dong ZAO
  4. Xu Zao G
  5. BOK Jo SY very nice fruit LG
  6. Shi Hong G
  7. YU G RM
  8. Bok Jo G
  9. Dae Sol Jo G
  10. Silverhill
  11. Coco NWN G
  13. JIN Chang Jujube G
  14. Mi Zao

Row 7 Tree

  1. Jin jujube
  2. Meyers G jujube
  3. Zho Tao OLI G
  4. Park jujube
  5. Sans Pepine OLI graft buried G
  6. Wang Dae Chu
  7. Winter Delight G
  8. Mu Deung Dae chu
  9. Shan Xi Li Chun Kuk G
  10. Globe RM
  11. ‘Jin – RM small tree G
  12. SDL
  13. Shan Xi Li
  14. Shi Hong
  15. Jewel Jerry Lehman rooted
  16. Mi Zao

Row 8 Tree

  1. DONG Zao juju
  2. Jun Zao Jujube
  3. Chui wang Zao - Early King Crisp jujube
  4. Sui Jujube S.M.
  5. Chui wang Zao - Early King Crisp jujube
  6. Dae Sol Jo Han Kuk
  7. Jin Chang Chun Kuk
  8. Black Sea OGW
  9. Hetian Jade juju
  10. Da Baj (ZAO)
  11. Hetian Jade juju
  12. Shirley Meyers
  13. Shan Xi Li Chun Kuk
  14. Black Sea OGW
  15. Sherwood rooted
  16. SEPT. Late Juju

Row 9 Tree PLT nov 2017

  1. Seedling Black Sea OGW ???
  2. Bok Jo Chun Kuk

  3. Hana Zao
  5. Globe SM
  6. R4T3 TVA jujube pepper jujube
  7. Topeka rm
  8. Sherwood rooted from Texas
  10. Jin Chang Chun Kuk
  11. Abbeville RM
  12. Hetian Jade Chun Kuk
  13. Shan Xi Li
  14. Shi Hong RM
  15. Mi Mi Zao

Row 10 Tree PLT Nov 2018

  1. Sherwood rooted clone
  2. Qi yue Xian juju
  3. Globe
  4. Orange Beauty
  5. Sherwood Rooted Clone
  6. Ma Ya Zao / Board Chun Kuk
  7. Mi AKA Gourd Jujube
  8. Longevity Juju
  9. Qi Yue Xian Jujube
  10. Cool Jade juju
  11. Tae Sang Wang Jujube
  12. Mill Stone jujube
  13. Sherwood Rooted Clone
  14. Baby Red juju
  15. Qi Yue Xian Jujube
  16. Orange Beauty juju


@nana7b wants to find out if you could tell what jujube variety she has.

She said she got the tree from your nursery many years ago.

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Here’s Sugar Cane seed.


I would have to know this persons name and about would year the trees or scion wood was purchased

Is that all? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mamuang, they taste good and sweet. I prefer Honey Jar over it, but Honey jar is long gone by the time this one ripens. Ripens along Sherwood and Tigers tooth for me.

Bob, I have Tigers tooth also and as you mentioned most times it is not worth eating. However, I have heard that it is a drying jujube and I have not tried that. Also Tigers tooth is the last to have ripe fruit and I end up eating a few as there is nothing else by then.

Interestingly Rolling River Nursery’s website states the Sugar Cane fruit can be rounded or elongated.

Cliff, my name is Ruvan and I purchased scion from you in Jan 2011. Here is part of the invoice you emailed me. The final invoice that came with the order contained an extra scion that I did not order. I believe it was Shihong. It had somewhat rounded fruit but split fruit pretty badly so I got rid of it.


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Looks and sounds a lot like what I bought as Autumn Beauty (also from Cliff England) but doesn’t seem to be that either. Whatever it is, I like it!

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@nana7b and @mamuang

I will have to have the full name you can message it to me if you like as My Phone # is 606-493-8239

But the items that we sell true to type and have produced before we release them to the public

Ok, it can be more challenging looking at green jujubees…but if not Tigertooth…& if they were very sweet…maybe GA866?..but I’ve only grown 16-17 varieties or so, and there are so many available now I’ve never tried, I’m just guessing