Does your Sugar Cane Jujube look like this?

I know one nursery which sell Taiwan jujube. But I heard a lot of complaints about it.


thank you it sure looks good. can anyone recommend or comment on this nursery? i like to hear feedback before ordering. yeah i think i saw something like that im a little hesistant to buy i hope there is someone who had a positive experience that can change my mind.

nana7b, are you able to figure out what is the variety of your jujube you ask question about? I’d love to know its name if you already figure it out. I happen to to eat the fruit exactly like yours, and It tastes very good. Unfortunately I don’t know its name. I search internet and encounter your post.

Sun, I have not been able to determine what it is. The closest match I have seen is Ant Admire. Like you I also enjoy this variety which ripens late along with Sherwood for me.