Donation Time IMO

I LOVE this forum !!!
I am willing to make another donation to be sure it survives. We all can afford, like $20, I think?


Hi Patrick. Scott commented a couple of days ago that we have enough for now. He wrote on this thread: Some kind of forum outage? - #6 by Auburn

Thanks for thinking of that. I just took a look and the last round was in late 2020 and we were $2600 in the black after that round. Fortunately the photo storage costs went down radically, Amazon changed their pricing model in some way that really helped us saving around $50 per month. So it looks like we will be OK through the end of 2022 or thereabouts :smile: There is a increase in the emailing costs, we are sending enough email notifications that it is now $20 more per month.

By the way when the site was down I went ahead and updated the software to the latest version, you will see a few new features now. Also the auto-renew problem should be fixed with the new update, the protocol there changed a bit which seems to be why the auto-renewal failed.