Doux Normandy apple

I have a very young cider orchard here in southern Oregon zone 8. I am posting some info on the Doux Normandy apple since I have not been able to find any info about this variety online. THe tree is 5 years old grafted on semi-dwarf M7 rootstock. It produced a small crop at year 4 and a good crop this year. The tree appears to be extremely disease resistant as I have only sprayed the tree once last fall with lime sulfur. THere is not a lost of disease or pest pressure in my orchard. THe apples are medium to small in size (3-3.5 inches), lop-sided, yellow-green background with a red blush, and small amount of russeting around the stem. THe flavor is a mild bittersweet with nice tannins, not too harsh. A very nice addition to a cider orchard!! douxnormanycrate


Variété de Pommier à Cidre, pomme à cidre

Go to in france and four or varieties of pomme doux are listed. In the All cider apples section. Type in pomme doux and it will come up up. Also copy the info and take it to google translate. Paste in the box and select French to English. Voila!

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Doux, aparently means soft. If you go to the site plan, look for Pommier Cidre, then it lists 12 Doux varieties, including among others these four apples. Doux joseph , maturité fin octobre
Doux Ligon , où acheter
Doux Lozon , où acheter
Doux Moën , voir à douce moen, and Doux Joseph.

Thankyou for your reply. I planted a small cider orchard 5 years ago and am focusing on French cider varieties. I went to the site ad was able to find “Doux Normandie” in the list of cider apples. However, they did not provide any other info about this apple other than it ripens in November. In my Oregon orchard, the fruits have been ripening at the end of September. When I typed “Doux” into Google translate, it provided 3 alternative meanings: soft, sweet, and mild. For this apple I am inclined to believe that the mild or sweet is a more apt description.

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I wanted to add that this variety would be a nice addition of an organic cider orchard since it appears to be very disease resistant.

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What would you like to know about the apple?

Have you tested the SG or brix of any, or made any cider yet?

I am letting the apples ‘sweat’ for a few weeks in my cool room before pressing. Last year I waited about 3 weeks before pressing. The following data is from last year’s crop: pH = 4.0; TA = 2.83; Brix 14.2; SG = 1.058.