Dozens of new Jaboticaba varieties fruting

Hi, Joe, all friends previously known from Facebook and new ones!

The Jaboticaba orchard of Sítio E-jardim ( with nearly 50 different species and varieties is coming to fruit now.

Different shapes of trees, distinct dazzling new foliage flush and of course delicious, colorful and oddly patterned fruits are coming.

I will try to keep this comunity informed with photos and videos as possible.

Thank you very much!

Just updated Blue Jabo (Myrciaria vexator) photos and text in our website. Tough in Portuguese, it can be easily understood by using Google Translate:

Just published 2 vídeos at YouTube about Blue Jabo:



Here are my 2 yrs old Jabuticaba seedlings from @aap. Lots of leaves and I can’t wait until they are produce some fruits.



Tony, if you want to graft those Jabo’s, try to prune of side branches and only grow the central leader, that way you can graft sooner for quicker fruiting. Canadian peat, Azomite, and some perlite lots of rainwater( ph 5 ), espoma holly tone.Can send you cuttings anytime.