Dragonfruit H. guatemalensis (aka American Beauty)


Love your regular updates and pics. Keep ‘em coming!


Of all the dragonfruits, the yellow skinned is the sweetest and the most addicting one to eat. They are more expensive at the store for good reasons!


I have tasted fresh Yellow Pitaya (Hylocereus megalanthus) flown in from tropical Costa Rica for the annual Pitaya conference here in Irvine CA. Delicious! However, when it’s grown in southern CA the outcome tastes (by comparison) like bland melon. Consequently I prefer to grow H. guatemalensis and if I can find some, the sparse-bearing H. ocamponis.


More H. guatemalensis on the way!


Here’s a plant in training on the east-facing side of a shed.


More fruit on the way, courtesy of my neighbors plant that overflows our fence :slight_smile:




IMGP0605 (1)


Richard, it must really like that spot(your side) :slight_smile:


Reach for the sky!



Picked these from my neighbor’s overhanging plant today.


Somehow I found that the yellow Dragon fruits are much sweeter than the Red ones.


I’ve cultivated the yellow species (H. megalanthus) and cultivars in my climate (outdoors year-round) and found the taste to be poor compared to H. guatemalensis and H. ocamponis (both red fleshed), along with Thomson’s white fleshed cultivar of H. undatus.

I’ve also tasted H. megalanthus fruits shipped overnight from Costa Rica – and they were excellent – although different in flavor from the berry tasting red fleshed species above.

In addition I’ve tried H. polyrhizus (pink fleshed) and its hybrids and found them to be inferior to the two red-fleshed species above and tropically-ripened yellow dragon fruit.