Dragonfruit H. guatemalensis (aka American Beauty)


Bloom #2, with #1 fading to the right and #3 prepping a little lower to the left.





wondering if these will grow in NE FL…don’t know of anyone who has but it might be worth a try…


That looks great! I was away on vacation when mine bloomed, but it looks like I have 4-5 fruits, hopefully they all make it!


Has anyone here successfully fruited these in pots somewhere where they must be brought indoors in the winter?

I really, really want fresh pitaya fruit like I used to eat when I lived in Guatemala. The white dragon fruit I sometimes find in the grocery store is really poor quality, nothing like the amazing purple fruit I remember.

I’ve got a plant I have been growing since last year but it isn’t doing very well and really didn’t seem to appreciate being brought indoors.

Also, are these self fertile or do I need to grow non clonal varieties if I want fruit?


They are a vine which in my climate grows best in orchid bark. I know of a few folks growing them in large 1/2 wine barrels with an attached vertical trellis which they wheel indoors in their winter facing the same direction at an open window. They are understory plants and prefer 1/2 day sunlight, morning works best here.

This species is self fertile but hand pollination will guarantee a crop.


Today and tonight


That is beautiful.


I’ve been wanting to grow a couple dragon fruit. Are there any cultivars that do well outside year round in zone 8b, 30 mins north of Houston?