Dwarf persimmon “ichikikeijiro asian persimmon”

Hi everyone! I live in northern California and I am looking for the dwarf persimmon ichikikeijiro. I have no luck in getting them from the local store. Online store are also not delivering to California. Anyone growing this tree in California? I needed the dwarf because i don’t have much space anymore.

It appears the tree you’ve mentioned is Jiro grafted on a dwarfing rootstock.

Not all one word… Ichi Ki Kei Jiro… available from quite a few mail-order nurseries here in the east (avoid TyTy!!!), but likely none can ship to CA.
Perhaps it’s not so great in CA, and no one offers it there?

@Richard Oh good to know. I will ask around maybe it is better known here as Jiro.

@Lucky_P yes, i asked a couple of nursery and they don’t know what I was talking about. The tree can handle zone9.

Thank you guys.

@Richard – what leads you to this conclusion?

FWIW, I have 3 IKKJ purchased from Stark’s in 2015. They are grafted onto DV rootstock and seem naturally dwarfing. By “dwarfing” I mean that it is fairly easy to prune them to a height of ~12-15’. They don’t seem to want to grow much taller than that.

According to reports, IKKJ is more cold tolerant than plain old Jiro, breaking bud a bit later. That’s consistent with my experience. My trees have tolerated -5 to -7 F at least once and -3 F many other times.


I am interested in this persimmon for the same reason and am also in California. Do you know if Chestnut Hill will ship to California? I don’t know anything about this seller, but they do have Ichi ki kei. I didn’t find anything on their website saying they would not ship to CA.

You can check out Bay Laurel nursery and Grow organic nursery in California to see if they have the Asian persimmon varieties that you are after. Good luck.


California is just a lot harder of a place to get mail order plants to be honest. Same with Hawaii. California has such a agriculture industry that they protect it super well. Hawaii is just more of a fragile ecosystem so the restrict things there. I agree with Tony where the OP should look at mail order nursery in CA. Sometimes local nursery are just more limited is the issue. The limited and expensive inventory at my local nursery is why I buy everything online plant related.

Order one from Plantmegreen in 2019. So far it’s dropped all fruit at early to mid growing season, this year’s dropping a smig later than last year, but I don’t expect any to reach ripening this year.
Kent, wa

What kind of growth has it put on the last few years? Hopefully next year you’ll get some fruit to stay on the tree. Do you think it’s just a young tree problem?

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It’s growing new wood reasonably well, I am hoping it will grow out of the dropping habit, only time can tell

John, most Asian persimmons stay relatively small to my knowledge. Do you have any others that you could just graft new varieties to instead of a new tree? Scions might be easier to obtain too. Fruitwood Nursery is a great place to start for that.

@DennisD – FWIW, my three trees produced a tiny first crop (3-4) in fifth season, a modest crop (20-30) in sixth season, and a huge crop (300) in seventh season. Looks to be at least 200 this year.

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Thanks JRD
That’s very encouraging data! I have hope now. Will be patient

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do you have a photo of your trees? i want to see the size of your fruit at this stage. mines i think are 50 cent size. i dont have IKKJ. i have other fuyu varieties.

Hi Kim
This morning 2 more had fallen

do you have photo of the tree itself? its been in ground three years i think it should be maturing in another couple of years.

Whole tree here


Thank you for all your response! I have no luck in finding a mail to order that carry IKKJ and it seems like no one in California responded that they carry the tree. I will keep on looking. Thanks!!

Hi everyone. I finally found a semi dwarf tree that is available in California. It is the Nikitskaya Bordovaya or Nikitas gift. Anyone have experience on this tree? taste?

I will no longer buy the IKKJ because I couldn’t find it anywhere here in CA, even in mail to order sites.