DWN 2020 Highlights published


I just got word from DWN that 2020 Highlights will be published soon and this time is something good.


Cool! Hopefully something good for us and not just commercial nurseries.


It is, but I wont reveal the surprise.


That’s fine, 2020 is still a bit away. I’m in no hurry to get there.


I’m guessing it rhymes with Honey Smunch. Which would be nice since it appears to be a pretty low chill pluot.


Normally Highlights are out by April, any word about them?


Nothing yet.


Still nothing…at least on their website


I asked them when they are going to release them and this is what they replied,

“The 2020 Highlights handout is in our webmasters hands, and should be up soon. He has been rather busy lately.”




Maybe, I should get the OctoberFest peach to do with my September Free nectarine :smile:

Although the name is Oct, I wonder when it will actually ripen. My Sept Free nectarine ripens in July (per the tag). Not sure why it’s Sept in the name.


Those sound interesting esp the peach. I need more late peaches. The pluerry is also late.

It’s unusual for a peach to hang on a month after getting ripe. I need more info on both. Is the peach low acid? Probably not.


Thanks Ulysses. Keep us updated if you hear any more details. I like the idea of pluerries, but sugar twist sounded like it was a dud and the description of this doesn’t inspire much more confidence – “a wallop of flavor that will take you by surprise.” Not describing the actual flavor is a bit of a red flag.


There’s a description of October Fest peach in one of DWN videos, but I can’t remember which one.


I found the Youtube video where Tom Spellman gives a quick description of October Fest Peach.

On youtube, type, “Fall Fruit Tour 2017.”

The video was posted on October 26, 2017.


I found Flavor Punch Pluerry patent:

Interspecific tree named ‘Flavor Punch’

United States Patent PP27030

The average brix is 22.5, so it sounds like a nice fruit, so I’ll probably buy two trees.


Any clue about chill hours for the peach or the pluerry? Havent been able to find any info on their website.


A bunch of places now have Flavor Punch Pluerry for sale.Sugar Twist was a dud for me.Maybe this one will be different.bb


What problems did you have with Sugar Twist. I’ve had my own, so I would like to compare.