DWN 2020 Highlights published


The fruit was mushy,even before being ripe and probably didn’t get to 15 brix.
I still have the tree and will see what happens next year.bb


I couldn’t resist- I included both a Octoberfest peach and Flavor Punch pluerry with my jujube order from GrowOrganic.


I wonder what varieties could pollinate Flavor Punch


This is the information that Dave Wilson Nursery has:

  • Pollination

Another Pluerry™, Pluot® or Plum required as pollenizer.bb


Since the seed parent is sweet treat pluerry, I would guess that Dapple Dandy could pollinate Flavor punch.

Flavor Punch pluerry parentage is:

Seed parent: sweet treat pluerry.

Pollen parent: (plum x cherry) x ( Autum Treat pluot).


Autum Treat pluot is a cross between Flavor Grenade pluot x unknown pollen.