El Niño is Here

We officially have a full blown El Niño weather pattern, according to several reporting sources, and it is anticipated that it may be a “substantial” or “super” El Niño:

El Niño is Back

Extreme El Niño is Expected

We are starting to see the effects of this already here in California, as we are seeing a persisting winter rain pattern, which we usually see in January/February, not in May. We are expecting a second winter storm in as many weeks here in S. California hitting my area tomorrow and Friday. Hopefully, this will bring S. California badly needed rain this next fall and winter, but hoping it doesn’t wreak havoc for the rest of the country.

I had read a month or 3 ago that it was already El Niño. At that point it was weak and they were hoping that it would gain some strength. Looks like it has.

Yes, it weakly arrived this last winter, but didn’t amount to anything because optimal ocean temps had not risen high enough to put is in an “official” El Niño. We are there now, and predictions are saying ocean temps will continue to rise, putting in that potential for an “extreme” event. Guess we S. Californians better be careful what we ask for :flushed:

As always.

NOAA is predicting next winter much like the last. More rain in our area than CA.

They were spot on here last winter. Our ppt was about 300% of normal.


I hope you guys get all the rain you need Hoosier. You didn’t already rip out all your lawn did you?

No, Jeff, not yet :slight_smile: There’s this pesky need for $9,000 to pay for artificial turf (and the rebate is laughable). So, with a wedding happening this year, the artificial turf is on hold.

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There is actually a rebate for installing turf? From the state ?

Don’t know about the state, but our local water authority offers a puny rebate, or at least, last year they did. It ends up being pennies on the dollar, so not much of an incentive.

There’s another storm coming by the end of the month, and another one right around the first week of the month.

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Winter won’t let go here. We had a light frost. I’m all planted out too. But my tomatoes and peppers look fine. I hardened them off well. Future weather looks fantastic. I’m going to start my melons today. June 1st I will plant out beans.

Winter still hanging around…I felt the same this morning walking out to 47f. That isn’t freezing thankfully but too cool for mid May. Fearfully surveyed tomatoes but they look OK in their microclimate next to the deck.

I’m sad about that late April freeze (29f here) : my new plum combo looks bad, ‘frozen’ and not progressing in leaf out. I fear its time to get the jelly, as it is toast. :cry

Here in Oklahoma We have a ton of rain in the last month. Last I saw we were about 2" above YTD normal which hasnt been the case in many many years. In fact for the first time since probably 2007 we have no counties in the Exceptional drought category and very few in the extreme. Our lakes and ponds have filled back up which should help get us through the summer.
Patty I hope you the rains we have had. You all certainly need it.



Hopefully it’s in moderation and duration. If they said it’s a “super El Nino”, what I’m afraid is the “ALL or NONE” game that mother nature plays.

Back to that “… be careful of what we wish for…” but hopefully it turns out for the better.


All of California needs rain! Dead lawns everywhere up here in the Bay :cry:

A lot of the local water agencies offer a rebate per square foot of lawn removed but I’m not sure how much it is. I think I heard the state was going to start a similar program.

Well, we were just issued a flash flood watch in San Diego county inland valleys. We’re going to have quite a rainstorm this evening and tomorrow, I guess. :hushed:

Been coming down pretty hard here in Commerce California for about an hour now! WooHoo should be an awesome ride back to Norco tonight! :weary:

Ugh! That is a gruesome commute, Jennifer :blue_car:

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Hoosier, remember my commenting that there was always a chance of some substantial summer rain- especially in far southern CA? I thought it was a long shot but maybe you will wind up getting enough to put a dent in your drought, even before rain season.

I really hope you guys finally get out of this situation. I actually feel your pain because so many years of my youth were spent stressing about CA drought.

Now we are having a mini-drought in the northeast. No substantial rain all spring (that is all spring that has occurred- there’s still over a month left). It is making life more difficult but I’m sure you don’t want to here about it.