Emerald Drop Pluots

I ate two Emerald Drop Pluots today. One scored a 23 brix and the second one (pictured) a 25 brix.

Juice: Similar to Dapple Dandy.

Sweetness: Very sweet like Honey.

Flavor: Pure Sweetness.

Crunch: Similar to Flavor Grenade.


I wonder why they call it Emerald when it’s Amber

They are good fruit. My kids liked them.

Are your Flavor King near ripening or no?

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Mine are more greenish yellow and not as crunchy as Flavor Grenade. They might be crunchy if not ripe. That one looks past ripe to me.

I don’t have a Flavor King pluot anymore. Tbe graft died last year.

No flavor other than sweet? That doesn’t sound appealing to me. I like honey because of flavors inside the sweetness. I still wouldn’t want to eat it alone by the spoonful. Is there anything to the Emerald Drop that makes it interesting besides just sugar?

Just pure sweetness.

Here’s another one:

This one scored a 25.4 brix.

My refractometer can only read up to 32 brix, and this Emerald Drop Pluot scored well-beyond a 32 brix.


How sweet it is! Brady

Sweet as Honey. The texture is like preserved plums.

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Mine are still hard and green!

I think walmart had emerald drop…not sure what else would be in season right now that is yellow… didn’t buy any.

How long have you grown Emerald drop? How it fare in the winter where you are.

Seem to be hardy…probably similar to other Japanese plums. Maybe 5 years now. I’ve had some rot on them this year, which is something i haven’t noticed in the past…could be weather or just rot building up in my yard…who knows.

I have armed myself with Indar. I hope it will solve a rot issue on my stone fruit.

The last Emerald.


I bought about 4 pounds of Emerald Drop pluots at a fruit stand in Brentwood (30 min drive from my home). They are not as ripe as the one on your photo but are pretty good.

The same location also had Geo Pride pluots (hard as a rock, so I did not buy them) and Dapple Dandy pluots. DDs are too acidic near the skin for my taste, I like EDs much more.

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My Geo Pride are superb this yr and running 25 brix. I like them better than Emerald Drop. But I imagine ED is pretty good at 25 brix also.

fruitnut would you please post a pic of your geo pride if you get a chance, I need some idea of what they look like ripe. I think mine are close but not sure, first year for geo pride for me.