Empress vs Italian Plum

I am looking to see if I can locate an empress plum this late, and am seeing a few sites referencing these as Italian Plums or Italian Prune Plums.

Are they a different way to call the same plum, completely different, or is an Italian Plum/Italian Prune Plum just a class of plums that Empress are a part of?


These are two completely different plums. Both are European plums, which is a distinct group of plums as opposed to Japanese plums and American plums (another two groups).

OK, I guess there is just a lot of misinformation out there, such as these. Thanks.


There are different varieties of prune plums. Many grown for the obvious reason, drying them, or cooking with them or making a confit. Rarely are they touted for fresh eating. Just depends upon the variety.

Scott Smith helps educated us about Euro plums. I use this link as my reference many times.


One left in stock when posted.

Thanks, all!

Mamuang - that is a great reference.

Nil - you are awesome. Funny thing is that I was ordering a peach from Cummins, and when I searched by looking through the plums, I couldn’t find any Empress, but sure enough, there is one. Thanks for pointing that out!! Now I have to understand how the Krymsk1 root stock will do in my conditions (though at first glance, it looks good).

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There are many thread about Euro plum here. I’d say searching for info from this forum, you will get more reliable and first-handed experience info.

On the top of a page, you will see a looking glass symbol. That is our search function. Click on the looking glass, then, type in a key word like Euro plums, many threads will show up.

For example, I typed in Favorite Euro plums, this thread (and several others showed up). Check this link out.

My Euro plums are on Marianna 2624. I like them because they are medium-sized trees, all pruned to open center.

Does this bloom the same time as Stanley or NY9?