European plums

Hi everyone! I just took over my grandmother’s property and there are something like 7 Gage type European plum trees on it. They are very old and on their way down so I’m currently trying to graft, and root cuttings. I bought two santa Rosa plum trees and grafted these European plum cuttings onto them. Any feedback anyone has for me is greatly appreciated!!!

If I go out and buy rootstocks, what varieties should I buy for being comparable?

I’m also looking for a “pearl plum” tree or cuttings. I can’t find them anywhere. Any info on where I can buy a tree or is there anyone on here that could get cuttings?

Two of my grandmother’s old plum trees are green gages which she planted in the mid 60’s from rootings a family member gave her from their tree. I’m wondering, if these trees die on me over the next several years and I’m not able to save them, how does the bavay Gage compare to a genuine green Gage?

Thanks in advance!


My experience with plums is pretty limited, but it suggests to me that they’re pretty tough. I’ve lived in this house since ‘77 and two neighbors’ prune plums were well established then and still are happy and productive. And I would expect root cuttings of having a good chance of success, depending on the rootstock, no doubt.

Plums are not too hard to graft - just behind pears and apples, in that order. So just be sure to do several and you’re going to manage to save a few of Gram’s green gages.

Just for fun you might try grafting plums to a Nanking cherry. It works, it’s really, really dwarfing, and it makes for a tidy, easily managed plant. (But: mine took ten years to become productive.)

The choice of rootstock depends on bunches of things and I’ll leave that to somebody else.


Purvis Nursery and Orchard should have Pearl Plum


Can you tell us where you live? I hope it is arid where you are. Around me, I’ve seen plum trees ruined by awful black knot and had to be taken down.

For Euro plums, @Stan and @scottfsmith have a lot of experience with them.

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Thanks on the lead for Purvis nursery!!!

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Louisiana, just outside Baton Rouge

Thank you very much for your response?

User @coolmantoole has experience growing plums in the deep South and may be able to advise you on what will/not have a good chance of success. His prior posts here will likely be informative, as well.

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Have you seen this thread ?

Stan talked about gage plums after showing his apricots.

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Those little green Gage plums look exactly like my grandmother’s green plums. Small, green, and with usually the light hue of yellow on one side.

Myrobalan or Marianna rootstocks should do well for Euro plums.

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The Bavay is better. Very sugary and sweet, unlike the regular green gages.


Thanks! Also, I’m thinking about buying some rootstocks in order to graft onto. What are the best recommend rootstock variety for European plums?

I’d you want help in grafting some let me now. I’m in Portugal…


As @Stan said above, Myro or Marianna rootstocks.

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