Everest Seedless Grape - new from Cornell



New large seedless Concord type from Cornell grape breeders. The article says Double A has exclusive rights for 10 years, but they seem to be sold out, yet Gurneys has it . Sounds like a nice grape. I’d rather order it from Double A.

edit–> I think this is the grape asked about in a previous thread: Who tried NY98.0228.02 seedless grape?


If I weren’t selling my house I’d buy it in a minute.


It’s $39.99 (yikes!!) from Gurneys, but of course they have the game where you can spend $50 and get $25 off. So this grape vine plus a few seed packets would be $25 plus tax and shipping. Still a little high, but I guess not too bad for a brand new variety unavailable elsewhere.


I’m interested but will wait until its available again from double A. bout time they grow a cold hardy seedless variety.


Same here, Gurney’s doesn’t give me the “warm and fuzzies”. I’d rather wait for this other nursery to have some available. Besides, if I’ve learned one thing from the great Bob Wiley it’s to take baby steps and to not try to do everything all at once. I’ve got enough on order for 2019. Maybe I’ll add the grapes, raspberries, and some other things (jujube? elderberry? hardy fig?) in Spring 2020.


well my excitement is quelled. everest is only z5 hardy . guess ill have to wait some more. was looking into king of the north grape. concord does well here but reviews say this produces more and earlier. don’t mean to hi jack but anyone grow these? mostly for juice and jam.


Managed to get an order in with Double A. Can’t wait to see these bad boys.


Yes, I grow King of the North and I like it very much. Here is a link to an earlier post about them: What fruits did you eat today?
I also grew some Blue Bell this year and they are similar to KOTN. Bluebell is a little later and a little larger than KOTN, but much earlier than Concord. Both KOTN and Bluebell have good, strong grape flavor.


thanks for the info. i was eyeing the bluebell also but king of the north had better reviews.


I just noticed that Double A Vineyards seems to have these in stock. They are sold out of the standard bare root plants, but are selling “Greenhouse Plants” which appear to be smaller plugs.

Schlabachs has them in their catalog as well.