Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


Sounds great, Jerry!

So, you have several others, as well?
I got started with Niedzwetzkyana 5 or 6 years ago, been adding ever since.


Can’t wait to hear your review on Odysso. I hope it is as good as advertised.


Yes, a good few. I have a graft of Airlie Red Flesh, and young trees of Red Devil, Pink Pearmain, Blush Rosette, Christmas Pink, Rubaiyat, Grenadine, and Strawberry Parfait. All are bearing now save for the most recent additions, Red Devil and Grenadine.


Airlies RF has set a nice crop and a faint pink cross of King of Pippens x700 has a few on it. Last year it produced late apples with a faint pink color strongly flavored of grapefruit. It is very slow growing so there is no wood available yet.


Well, the “Redlove” advertising and YouTube videos sure do “advertise” well. :slight_smile:

The Odysso is really lovely in bloom. And the young fruit looked like cherry bombs (until birds evidently thought they were ripe cherries).

I am keeping an eye out for other red fleshed apples I would want to add, but with around 30, I’ve got plenty to evaluate as it is. And perhaps come up with a few seedlings over time from intentional crosses I plan to make.

The red fleshed varieties make up about 40% of my apple collection. Be a couple more years before I get to sample most of them, probably.


My first Baya Marisa apple. It was small but the others in the tree are medium size. I like it very much! It was tangy like a grany smith but a bit more sweet. It’s very red flesh! :yum:


How is the texture though? Soft or breaking?


It’s crunchy… very good! :yum:


I envy you. I bought two about 2-3-4 years ago, and both died in March the following year.
So I’ll be waiting awhile to taste one I suppose.


Had a wild Kazak apple that came from the USDA. It was pretty terrible, soft and mealy and astringent. It’s also not really dark enough to do any breeding work with, so it’ll probably get grafted over to something else. https://npgsweb.ars-grin.gov/gringlobal/accessiondetail.aspx?id=1653304


I lost or misplaced the only seeds I saved from red fleshed apples this year. But, I do have 5 seeds from a Bakran cross with one of Honeycrips’ grandparents.
Anyone know what the shortest amount of necessary refrigeration is to get apple seeds to germinate well?
I got most of the seedlings I planted in flats in August last year through the winter in those flats outdoors. But the seeds had been in cold storage for months.

I am hoping you all who have red fleshed apples will post some taste reports and the like as yours get ripe. Red Devil, and Niedzwetzkyana are gone already I am sure, but what else are you harvesting?


I’m picking Strawberry Parfait and my first crop of Mott’s Pink right now in Northern California. Both are excellent. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, a properly ripe SP is like a juicy, strawberry-infused pear. MP is also quite good, similar to and nearly (but not quite) as tasty as Pink Pearl. I’d say it’s superior to the later Airlie Red Flesh here. Both are a real treat to have this early.

The march of the Etter reds will begin here in a week or two with Pink Pearl, and end in December with Pink Parfait.


Ah, I had not yet reported on Winekist this time: 42 apples on a young tree (bench graft on M26 in '14, replanted deeply in '17 so it will become a standard). 11 & 12 (sunny side) Brix. Covered with orchard socks and all clean fruit but one. Divided the take with the neighbor. Made a pie with 4 Winekist (cooks to purée) & one Cripp’s Pink (keeps shape baked) from the grocer. We’ll do that again next year. Slow baked five of 'em at 250° by scooping out the seed cavity and left the far end intact, filled the space with some flour, sugar, cinnamon & coriander. We’ll do that again! Wow, best apple I’ve encountered handled that way among five varieties tried (also Bardsey & Rambour Franc - both quite good slow baked.- Empire, Cortland).
The rest of Winekist we cooked down to ruby sauce which does not discolor, although a freshly cut apple will - cooked in only 10 minutes. Then we made applesauce cake with it. Yeah, buddy!
Tree is 10 feet tall & 6 feet wide, kinda spindly so far. Easy to handle.


Still looking for a sweet apple that is red fleshed. (May have to cross some myself if I want them.)

Bakran, a Persian apple, best so far – but I am hopeful to taste many others in next year or two. It is only the size of a pingpong ball or golf ball. I have over 30 red fleshed varieties, mostly 2018 and 2019 grafts.

I probably should have grafted more onto existing trees if I was in a hurry to taste them…even B-9 in the second leaf, zero fruits.


Red Flesh Baya Marisa apple :yum:


So, to your taste, how does Baya Marisa compare?
I had this tree, but it died…before I could get a fruit.


I like them! They are the acidity of a granny smith but a bit more sweet. Very crunchy too and very red! They are medium size.


Have you tasted Pink Pearl yet? I got some in October of '18; ate some fresh & baked the rest into home made mince meat pie filling. The berry flavor added another element to the citrus, spice and tartness (not to overlook actually including meat in the mince meat.)
I found Pink Pearl much better - and sweeter - than expected, grown in eastern WA.


Similarly, I find that Pink Pearl get sweet enough here in Northern California that almost everyone who tries it likes it.

I’ve heard that Red Devil also gets sweeter than most red-fleshed apples, but it’ll likely be a couple of seasons yet before my little RD tree is big enough to fruit.

Strawberry Parfait is sweet and mottled heavily enough with red (at least in my climate) that I include it among my red-fleshed varieties. It’s as red as Pink Parfait here.


No, don’t have Pink Pearl. Have Pink Pearmain. But no blooms yet. It’s in container.

Sounds nice. I have yet to have a SWEET red fleshed apple. But, I may try to remedy that; made my first intentional cross this past spring.

Have high hopes for Odysso, but something ate my fruit when thy were at cherry-bomb size.
Have more than one tree, plus it’s on my ‘frankentree’.

Though quite sour, the flavor was refreshing in one called “Bakran”.