Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


Seems you guys can work something out to find red flesh trees…hungryfrozen and zestfest.

Looks like I’ll get to sample Niedzwetzkyana again, and Bakran and Odysso maybe. The scions of Giant Russian had blooms…but I pinched them…didn’t want the graft to fail.

Still waiting for evidence of a successful graft for Almata, Otterson and Vitalstar varieties of red fleshed apples.


I have 3 varieties odysso, baya marisa and red devil… they are new so not fruit yet, maby this year.


Luisport, sounds like you have 3 of the most likely for commercial success to date for fresh eating. (Although we’ll see how those soon to be introduced in US supermarkets taste…since we won’t have access to those varieties for awhile.) Odysso bloomed prolifically…and I collected some pollen for future use…too early to tell if there will be fuit set…I’ll let at least one grow if they do. (Everything else had finished blooming…but I did have a wee bit of pollen from another variety…we’ll see if me being a bee was a success.)


Just looked…and it seems I have a few fruits on the Odysso….will know in a few days for certain…but petals are gone, and some fruits seem to be bigger than yesterday.


Hey, sorry I missed this post. Thanks, I will check out your suggestions!


One has 8 fruits, another 5…guess I better get some courage and remove some of them………Odysso seems very promising…looking forward to both eating it, and using the pollen in crosses!


My redloves have at least five apples each. Hoping they won’t abort.


I grafted Pink Pearl and Hidden Rose on April 24th. You are all terrible enablers…

Though I must admit that my win percentage with grafting apples isn’t great… I’m 0 of 4.

Permissions, Plums I can graft, apples for some reason I’ve just not had the luck Maybe this year as I did the required bleeding for successful grafting…



MyPink Pearl is blooming now for the first time. Grafted in 2017.

I don’t want to make you feel bad but apple grafting is supposed to be easier than plum’s. What type of grafting do you use?


I know apples are supposed to be easy. I just always have had poor luck with after-care with regard to apple grafts. I’ve had my kids pull them off, squirrels chew on them and even a bird who seemed absolutely determined to destroy one graft I had done last year.

i’m generally doing cleft grafts, but this year I did a couple whip and tongue just to mix things up.

Of the grafts I did on April 24th the only one which is showing any change is the one plum I did.



I am very much looking forward to the Era Red Love Apple as every red fleshed apple i have planted has been hit by FB Hard (Pink Pearl, Airlies Red flesh and Wealthy).


I can so relate to this comment.
I have a Granny Smith that we top worked to Hidden Rose in 2014. Also have other red fleshed grafted on dwarf rootstocks including Red Devil, Nursha, pink princess, pink parfait, and Rubaiyat.


Alas! The birds must have thought my little Odysso apples were ripe cherries! All disappeared in 2 days. :frowning:


My Scarlet Surprise had no blooms this year. Mamuang. . . Did I give you all of my blossoming wood? Xxoo🥰


Yikes!!! Sorry to hear that, I looked forward to hear your report on Odysso,


MyScarlet Surprise is very late to leaf out and not very vigorous, unfortunately.


I’m disappointed too. :frowning:

But I have one apple of Bakran……so that will have to do for another year. That and Niedzwetzkyana.

We agreed Scarlet Surprise and Bill’s Red Flesh are same, right. My B.R.F. all look vigorous.

Not to be totally disappointed, I have Odysso added to my Frankentree.


I am sure I’ll get Odysso sooner or later. I have 5 trees now plus the ‘frankentree’.

I bought BayaMarisa off Cliff England.,twice. Both died. Those (Odysso and BayaMarisa) seem to be two that would work in the marketplace.

Ate my Bakran…don’t know if it was ripe. About golf ball size…and redder than Niedzwetzkyana inside. Sour, but edible. Would make good jelly without pectin I am sure.

My 2019 graft of Otterson seems to be very vigorous. It’s a cider apple with deep red coloring inside apparently…from U of Michigan. But, I put it on Antonovka root, so may be awhile before I get any results. May try and graft it to a tree that is bearing already next spring.

Anybody have a good crop of red fleshed apples this year?


I may get to taste Winekist this year. Most of my younger trees (which all the red fleshed one are) were hit by this last winter. But surprisingly the two Winekist made it thru without any die back, and one even flowered and is forming apples. So if the birds, bugs and wind will leave me a couple I should get to try it.


Looks like an excellent crop of Pink Parfait coming up very late in the season. Pink Pearl is bearing heavily this year, too, as is Mott’s Pink. Both of those will ripen soon. I’ll get my first big crop of Thornberry in October. The others all appear to have decent crops as well.