Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


Still, a good number of them are obtainable here. All of the Etter varieties are available from Greenmantle as benchgrafts, and Pink Pearl and Airlie Red Flesh / Hidden Rose / Mountain Rose are available as trees from various US sources. Our own @derekamills has an extensive collection of red-fleshed apple scionwood for sale, including domestics like Mott’s Pink and many obscure European varieties. PM him for a list that will keep you busy for hours.


zestfest I have or will have if my grafting works out this spring about 2 dozen red fleshed ones.
Only Niedzwetzkyana has fruited, and I hope a couple others will this year.

I have Pink Parfait on B=9 that I might let have one fruit if it blooms this year.


Yeah, I’m not in the US so my options are much more limited. That’s OK, it’s not like I really have room /enough sun anyway! I’m just greedy and want ALL THE APPLES.


I’m not sure where you are then, but the European Union should have more red flesh available than USA does…but you may have to do some searching.


I have a dozen varieties of red fleshed pears and just over 200 varieties of red fleshed apples. Most of the red fleshed pears do not keep, my favorite to eat is Verbelu. Out of over 1,300 varieties of fruit I enjoy growing red fleshed ones the most.


And if you go to Nigel’s site his description of my collection of red fleshed apples is way out of date, says I have 40 when it is now 200. I told him to come visit if he ever comes to the US.


There are quite a few other ones that have this flower effect. When we do apple tastings I always do a lot of the red fleshed ones this way for the effect. And when visitors come to our UPic for the first time I walk them over to some of these varieties and cut into the apples that way and of course they want to fill their bags up


OMG, which other ones have the flower effect???


I’m in Canada. We don’t have as many commercial scionwood sources, and there aren’t as many people to trade with. And our equivalent to GRIN is not as well stocked and is nowhere near as generous. Sad face.


I’m on my phone so I haven’t checked their lists, but have you looked into the Canadian links on this scionwood source thread?


Yup, I’ve gone through those. Saltspring doesn’t sell scion. Applelucious has some red-flesh, but not Red Devil, which seems to the one with the best flavour. Plant Gene Resources of Canada doesn’t work with backyard growers. Prairie Fruit Genebank is focused on plants that can withstand -40. Summer Land sells a minimum of 10 of 1type and $100. But I appreciate your efforts to help. :slight_smile:


Update on the red flesh apples.
… some are blooming, some have bloomed…and some aren’t old enough.

I am very pleasantly surprised the Redlove ODYSSO trees I got from Jung’s Nursery are going to be loaded with blossoms…these are one year whips 5 feet tall…a real ‘steal’ at $29 each. Rootstock not specified, but m9 possibly.

Bakran seems to be the only 2018 red flesh variety I grafted that is blooming this year.

Newly grafted varieties look as if many have ‘taken’, but it’s only 2 or 3 weeks, too early to take a count.


Do you have any pictures of those red fleshed pears cut open? I’d be interested to see what they look like.


I snagged my ones from OGW and they all have flowered at 5’ tall whips. Very impressed by the redloves.


I am going to speculate out loud that the grower was the same…and they divided up who would sell what…with the 'Redlove" varieties being sold this year for first time by mainline nurseries.


Those are awesome. I’d love to see it.

Any of those varieties a truly good apple?



Quite a few are really good apples and some of them so out so fast when we have our UPic hours open that I set a couple bags aside for me. Red Devil, Almata, Geneva, Pink Pearl and Winekist for just a few.


Yes, Redfield grows well. But I can’t get my M-111 to bloom. Put it on B9 last year. Just grafted it onto G202 last week. Niedzwetzkyana isn’t very tasty, but it grafts and grows very well.
(It might be better in cider or as dried apples. Especially since dried apples I usually add quite a bit of sugar when cooking them for stack cakes or fried pies!)

I’m still waiting on my other red fleshed varieties, but expect the new Odysso’s to have at least one or two to sample this summer. By the way, buds of the Odysso are a deep smoky burgundy color (blackish almost like Arkansas Black apple skin)…but they lighten up in bloom to be about like the deep pink bloom of several other red fleshed apples.


The only trees on M7 to produce for me within 3 years were Liberty and Arkansas Black.
And the ArkBlack runted and died in about 8 years. And Liberty got hit with spray…from power line spraying. Fuji didn’t, Braeburn didn’t, Granny Smith didn’t, Grimes Golden didn’t, Rome didn’t, and Geneva Early didn’t. Jonathon on MM106 did. About 7 years for standard trees, on average, as I recall.

None of my grafting has been to M111 or M7…except my ‘frankentree’ is M-111. It has 5 red fleshed and 4 varieties that aren’t…to this point.


zestfest, have you asked about red fleshed varieties on the big private facebook groups? Hardy Fruit and Nut Trees of Alberta, Hardy Fruits and Nuts of CANADA, Canadian far north fruit tree grafters ( Grafting )? Between the 3 you have over 2700 people who are pretty happy to trade scions.