Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


Have you tried an Airlie’s red flesh? Mine are quite sweet.


Yeah, Kentucky is so different from eastern Washington. Even with the regular (& unusual) rains this summer, relative humidity was often down to 14% after noon. Lots of light. We can get Sweet Fruit thereby, for low humidity often brings with it 30° temperature swings from day to night.

I’d love to get close to Arlies Red Flesh grown locally to see what it’s like. Might have to grow my own…


I have eaten organic pink pearls from california at my local food co-op that were very good tart and sweet with tart on top. I was very sad that both pink pearl and airlies were so susceptible to Fireblight (Atleast as bad as Spitzenburg and Rhode Island Greening) however here fireblight is a serious issue. I have very high hopes about my Era Redlove apple and had read about it having good fireblight resistance (All other Redlolves said disease resistant but when translating articles seemed to be more apple scab and other high humidity diseases) and would love to hear reports on the Redloves growth wise until we can get some taste testings.

So far Era has been a good grower and i love the red leaves, Sadly its one of the apples that the japanese beetles munch on but not near as much as my grapes cherries plums or apricots.


I hear you. My Odysso (Relove) had fruit this year, but something ate it well before it was mature. It’s the one I have the most optimism towards…we shall see. It is a healthy young tree…nothing has bothered my Odysso this year except whatever ate the fruit at the ‘cherry’ size.

I’ve tasted only Cierce so far of Redloves, and found it too sour to my liking…but juicier than Niedwetzkyana. Redfield …. I keep waiting! I don’t over fertilize, so fireblight isn’t my biggest problem. Cedar apple rust used to be. BUT NOW IT’S BEARS,!!!


I have not tried nor eaten “Airlie Red Flesh” a.k.a. “Hidden Rose”.
I’d be happy to sample if anyone has fruits!


While I’m at it, I’d be willing to negotiate a small purchase if anyone wants to part with some of their red fleshed harvest this year.

And always thankful and willing to pay shipping for dormant scionwood (in season) of red fleshed apples.
( Or willing to do swaps…although most of my trees are one or two years old and snipping is limited and often small caliper.)


Stepped across the street to check on the single Redfield apple I’d left on the tree for this season. (The tree needs to grow much more before we allow a crop.) Well, the apple is missing.

Meantime, Redfield bloomed at least two spurs, near top & bottom, in early August. It set three more fruits. Of course they cannot ripen in the next month or so, but this is the second time it has bloomed in late summer and set fruit. I wonder if it will cease this activity once it is allowed to set a crop.


The weather is probably more to blame. I saw a serviceberry with blooms last week.
Sorry you missed your Redfield. I am anxious for mine to bear…but since it’s on M111…who knows when.


Heavens, graft Redfield next March to something that lends precocity. If you put it to Budagovsky 118, Geneva 30, M26, MM106, you’ll have samples before MM111 ever gets around to it.

BTW, I have Winekist also across the other street (I’ve got a corner lot) & can send you scions of that if you like. Winekist is quite skinny and spreading, but its vigor, as in success in callusing, when grafted is remarkable. Its fruit comes ripe here in Spokane in July. You will probably find it only somewhat attractive to codling moth. Its ruby flesh and excellent qualities overcome its smaller size - 2 x 2" is as big as they get.


Are Baya Marisa apple trees available in the U.S.?


Yeah, I did graft Redfield onto something else. At the moment I forget what…

Thank you profusely for the offer of Winekist. I have a successful May 2019 graft of it, thanks to on of our western members here. What else ya’ got?


I have had 2 Baya Marisa. Both on M111. Both died.



I had hoped to pick a Redfield this year too. Tree is small, but just one can’t hurt. I was surprised to get no fruitlets after I hand pollinated it. Next year…


Glad you chimed in…you’re the source of my Winekist….and it is small but healthy.
Bellflower is even healthier.

(My Redfield hasn’t bloomed…so the hand pollination thing won’t work.)


Redfield & Winekist are the only red fleshed apples I’m growing. Neither is particularly sweet - even here in Spokane.
If you have enough light in your region, Discovery should develop color in the flesh & ripen sweetly. I’ve tried grafting it without success, so haven’t tasted it. Discovery has a bud sport that is quite red fleshed - forgotten the name.


Are you speaking of “Red Devil”? Or is that a child of Discovery?

(I have Red Devil, but it hasn’t hardly grown at all.)


Red Devil is a seedling, according to orangepiipin.com.

The red-fleshed bud sport has an altogether different name. It’s been a year or more since I ran across the reference, & dropped the matter when the graft failed. If I bump into it again I’ll report.


My Winekist grafts are growing steady, but they aren’t breaking any records. The good news is that even as pretty small new benchgrafts, they seem to tolerate my 100+ degree days without really wilting; not many plants can take it so well. I think Winekist is the apple I’m most excited about, I don’t need more sweet apples, I want something interesting.


When you get a crop, try slow-baking some Winekist. Best of five varieties tried that way so far. In order of preference: Winekist, Bardsey, Rambour Franc, Empire,Jonathan.)

Oh, and found the reference to the bud sport of Discovery.

Keepers Nursery in the UK presents Rosette: “A red-fleshed sport of Discovery with better flavor and keeping qualities than its parent.”

I suppose it’s easy to make such a mistake, for Rosette would be a seedling if Discovery were actually the “parent.” It would have been clearer to say, “A red-fleshed sport of Discovery with better flavor and keeping qualities.”
Looking at the Temperate Orchard Conservancy list, Rosette is missing, so I doubt it is found on this side of the Atlantic. Unless someone in this forum has gotten a hold of it…?


Thanks. Yes, somewhere I’ve seen “Rosette”, but as you say it may have been on a British website. Where’d you find Bardsey? Jonathan is an old stand-by multi-purpose apple, but I see it didn’t win any points in your cooking experiments.