Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


@derekamills lists it and likely could provide scions.

@BlueBerry, Derek has Bardsey as well. Raintree also lists pre-grafted Bardsey trees.


I bought Bardsey on EMLA26 from Raintree in ‘14. It shrugs off drought and its fruit is always juicy. When slow-baked the flesh retains some substance while the skin softens. It is the prime target for codling moth in this yard. After taking off orchard socks and deciding to wait another week beyond the 14 days already planned, I find little caterpillars in most of those that had not been invaded before original application of the orchard socks.
Bardsey grew quite upright at first & is now spreading with the weight of fruit - its first full crop since planting - at about 9 x 9’.
Jonathan tastes fine slow-baked, but the skin becomes almost bomb-proof. I must cut it with a knife to make bites.
Good to know about Rosette. Might be worth a try here. Thanks!


Win - lose. Almata died. But, acquired this one.
Giant Russian is growing slow.
Otterson doing pretty good first summer on Antonovka.


Lovely color, that.


What is that in the picture? Jerry’s right, that is an incredible color.


SimontornyaiVeralma. I took the photo from a East European website.


I grow Rosette, it has not fruited yet, but sounds pretty interesting.


Derek: Let us know how it plays. I’d given serious thought to Discovery & am even more interested in Rosette.


Will do If you have room Discovery is a great tasting apple and worth the space.


Anything new to tell us about this apple?


Here are a few of this year’s Airlie Red Flesh. I got the scion a few years ago at the Home Orchard Society scion exchange in Oregon. Last year they were less red. The flavor is nice and I think I can detect a bit of “berry” or vinous flavor. They do get some scab, one of only a few in my garden that are affected. It doesn’t hurt the apple, however.


Beautiful color!


Airlie’s Red Flesh is one of my favorites I grow. It did scab up this year pretty badly though and was an off-year for me.


Were you able to find out anything about red-fleshed apples for the southern United States?


It’s been a struggle just to get any kind of apple to grow where I am, so I never pursued anything further with the red-fleshed.